Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Promise (30 Kisses: Hayate/Himeno)

Title: Promise
Author: Candyland
Pairing: Awayuki Himeno/Hayate
Fandom: Pretear
Theme: #20—the road home
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Kaori Naruse. I claim none, I merely borrow them and take them to yummy shoes sales and put them through the horror of finding the perfect strappy sandal.
Summary: She clearly remembered the last time she saw him.

It didn’t take much to make her think of him and the last time she saw him.

She could picture him so clearly in her mind, standing in the garden beside the enormous wind chimes that they had chosen for the gateway between their world and Leafenia. Clad in the purple, gold, and black garb of the Leafe Knight of Wind, his hair tied back in its usual loose ponytail…if she never saw him again—and God willing that would never happen—but if he vanished forever, she would always want to remember him as he looked right at that moment.

Tall. Proud. Strong.

Leaving her behind.

One day, he had just suddenly said he needed to go. Something was happening in Leafenia, he said. Something that felt like a remnant of Fenrir’s dark magic. He was going to go look at the situation and make certain that there was no real danger, before it could escalate into something worse.

She tried to go with him—she was the Pretear, after all. But he refused, saying that he would go alone, making her promise she wouldn’t follow him. He wasn’t even intending to involve the other Leafe Knights, but when she threatened to get their help in stopping him, he agreed to take someone else with him, though he swore up and down that it was not necessary.

Still, she insisted. Something didn’t sit right with her.

She remembers him as he was at that last moment, as he moved to leave her with a goodbye hug and kiss. And then he vanished into Leafenia, leaving her with a quick squeeze and a peck…and a promise of his own. He made a vow that he would come back to her soon, and sealed that oath with a kiss. One second, he was there, his arms around her, holding her tight, and then…

He was gone.

So she waited patiently. She waited for him to contact her, for him to come home.

Days passed into weeks; weeks began to pile up. And she heard nothing. No one had.

She wasn’t alone in her silent grief, though. Sasame had gone with him, leaving Takako just as alone. They spent more and more time together, enjoying each other’s company and sympathy, waiting patiently for their boys to come home. It wasn’t the only thing they talked about by any means; in fact, it really was easier not to talk about often. So they discussed a good many subjects. But there was always that dark cloud hanging over their heads, reminding them that their loves, their soul-mates were absent.

“It’s their loss if they don’t come back,” Takako said during one of their rare talks about their missing boys. She was smiling, a grin that went no further than the depth of her skin.

She nodded in eager agreement. “They’re missing out.” A sad laugh forced its way out.

The laughter soon gave way to an uncommon shower of tears.

The face the world saw was a strong one, someone holding up perfectly fine. Few saw her pain, and fewer still saw her tears. But that was just who she was. Smiling, never letting things get her down. Life went on as usual, and she went about her daily routine. Things went on, with or without him, and she would go on with them.

Yet she was still alone, and it still hurt.

Sighing, she abandoned her thoughts as she turned away from the window and crawled into the bed, wrapping the blankets around her for cold comfort against the vacant spot beside her, and pretending they were his arms. It did little to ease the ache.

Where was he? Was he all right? Was he even alive—no, she would not even begin to entertain that thought! Of course he was alive! But was he hurt somewhere? Even if he was…gone, she wished she could know. Not knowing was agonizing. Not knowing was a tentative heartbreak, hope rising daily with the sun only to be crushed again with the descent of darkness.

If she knew for certain, at least there would be no more wondering.

Kei had taken her aside one day and hesitantly suggested the idea that he might not be coming back at all. She scoffed at the idea without having any good reason to do so. She just couldn’t bring herself to accept—even consider that he was dead.

Though she wondered, deep down there was something that told her not to give up. Something that burned and crackled and refused to go out, no matter how much logic told her that she should let go after this long. Giving up on him would mean giving up on Sasame, too. And where would Takako be then? No, she had to hang in there.

Someday, this would all be a bad memory, and nothing more.

Of course Hayate was going to find the road home and come back to her.

After all, he had promised.

PS. I seem to be having a lot of weird PWP moments. This one wasn’t going anywhere, just needed to get it out of my head. But yeah, only eight left in the challenge, with ideas for two of them already fairly well-formed in my mind. Just gotta write them. Sorry it’s taking me longer to get these things out, but Real Life decided to kick me in the shins, and it leaves bruises. Thanks for reading, everyone. Much love!

Tags: character: hayate, character: himeno, fandom: pretear, fic: 30 kisses, misc: theme comm

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