Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Choir of Angels (30 Kisses: Hayate/Himeno)

Title: Choir of Angels
Author: Candyland
Pairing: Awayuki Himeno/Hayate
Fandom: Pretear
Theme: #26—if only I could make you mine
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Kaori Naruse. I claim none, I merely borrow them and take them to yummy shoes sales and put them through the horror of finding the perfect strappy sandal.
Summary: I think it’s time I just made you mine.

Their nighttime walk in the garden had led them to one of their favored clearings, one that was vaguely circled-shaped and lined with trees. They’d often found themselves wandering there, usually without meaning to. It was just another one of their spots.

But tonight, something seemed different, Himeno realized. Something was brewing beneath the surface of Hayate’s usual calm, stone-faced exterior. He was jumpy, and blushed at random intervals, and all sorts of other little things that told her just how nervous he was about something.

When he stopped walking, she stopped beside him. She couldn’t have gone too much farther anyway; he was holding her hand, so her leash was only as long as their arms. But she didn’t mind, and turned to face him with a smile. “What’s up?”

Hayate visibly steadied himself. “I’ve been thinking a lot, Himeno,” he began. “It’s been a while, and I…I was thinking that it’s time I just…” He swallowed hard. “…I should just make you mine.”

Knowing he couldn’t possibly mean that in a sense of any impropriety, she waited.

He took a deep breath, and held up one hand. There was a small box resting on his palm; it was open, allowing her to see the sparkle of the diamond within. “Will you marry me?” he asked softly.

“Yeah…” Himeno replied instantly.

The ring was on her finger before she knew it, her hands intertwined with his.

“Love you…” she said softly, tilting her chin up so he could kiss her properly. He murmured an affirmative in response before pressing his lips to hers. The moon was full, the stars were out, it was such a beautiful night. So romantic. So perfect…


Himeno screamed while Hayate jerked at the sound of the music. His nose crashed into her forehead, causing them both to see stars—and not the ones in the sky, either. Clutching their injured faces in both hands, they looked around angrily for the source of the disruption.


The Hallelujah Chorus was blaring from somewhere nearby. And by blaring, I mean that the trees were shaking from the volume and previously-slumbering birds were sent careening into screeching flight. Meanwhile, the newly engaged couple was ready to commit murder.

When Hayate got near a particular tree, though, he heard snickers. Familiar snickers, no less.

“Mannen. Hajime. Shin,” he spat out each of their names. “Prepare to die.”

“It’s about time you asked her!” Mannen crowed as the three children took off at top speed in their best attempt to avoid Hayate’s murderous wrath. He was furious, and gave chase while using a vocabulary that would have made your average sailor blush.

Himeno stood back in the garden by the tree, watching the spectacle; she sighed. She would have to have a little chat with the children tomorrow and explain to them that such times were not appropriate for practical jokes. She would make certain that they understood.

And then she would kill them. Possibly with a spoon.

Angels, those kids weren’t. But she loved them anyway.

Chuckling to herself at her own thoughts, she glanced down at her hand. The diamond sparkled in the glow of the moonlight. Her smile softened as she remembered what had happened before the rude interruption. Hayate’s proposal…

And she giggled. This was definitely a proposal story to tell the kids someday.

Maybe she’d forgive the younger Knights after all.

PS. Just some random silliness. Hard to believe it, but there’s only one story left for them. And the best part? It’s already written, and I know when it’s getting posted. Thanks for tuning in once again, dear readers. I shall see you again for the thirtieth and final time next chapter. Hope you’ll all come back one more time and check it out. Much love, everyone! Ciao!

Tags: character: hayate, character: himeno, fandom: pretear, fic: 30 kisses, misc: theme comm

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