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Song of the Wind, ch. 1 (MKR)

Title: Song of the Wind
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Action/Adventure
Publish Date: 12/24/2005 through 3/24/2007 (incomplete)
Disclaimer: I do not own Magic Knight Rayearth... *roasts Mokona to make s'mores*

“We found the Promised,” a voice came from the shadows.

A smile. “Excellent. Do not waste time,” was the response. “There is no time to waste.”

There was a rustle of cloth as the speaker departed, supposedly to carry out the order.

The one who had given the order watched as an image appeared in the pool before her. A young woman, most likely in her early twenties. Chocolate-colored eyes and dark hair that was undoubtedly the envy of many. This was the face of the Promised, if her comrade was to be believed.

One gloved finger reached down and touched the pool’s surface, sending ripples over the image there. Those ripples caught the dim light, and reflected against luminous silver-gray eyes.

It was almost time.


Upon returning to her room after working on a project in the campus library for several hours, Ryuuzaki Umi made a slightly-unusual discovery. Her hand closed around the knob to the dorm room she shared with her longtime friend Watanabe Kagura, but she was startled when it stopped after a quarter-turn and refused to budge any further. The door was locked.

“That’s weird,” she frowned, muttering her thoughts aloud to herself. “I thought Kagura said she wasn’t going anywhere tonight. She never locks the door when she’s in the room unless she’s…yeah, she’s probably sleeping or something.”

Shrugging it off and deciding not to knock, lest she wake her friend, she fished into her pocket, located her keyring, and after selecting the appropriate one, unlocked the door and stepped inside with the intention of dropping her bag, yanking on the most comfortable pair of pajama pants she owned and crashing royally for the next eight or so hours. After all, it was a rarity that a college kid could get that kind of sleep in one night, especially with finals approaching and projects coming due.

There was a muffled thump as backpack slid from her shoulder to the floor; she didn’t even notice that it had landed heavily on her foot. The key ring fell from suddenly-nerveless fingers and clattered loudly on the tile floor beside it.

Umi stifled a scream.

The dorm room was completely torn apart. Clothes, papers, books—all of them and more had been ripped to shreds and scattered around like confetti at a New Year’s party. One of the mattresses had been torn open, and the foamy stuffing was everywhere. Even the sturdy wooden bed-ends and lofts were splintered beyond repair.

Umi took another step in, and heard something crunch beneath her shoe. She looked down, and saw her startled, wide-eyed reflection looking back at her ten times over, from the shards of broken mirror trapped between the toe of her shoe and the tile floor.

At an utter loss, Umi straightened and glanced around, trying desperately to quell the bitter panic rising like bile in the back of her throat. What had happened here? The place certainly hadn’t been in this state when she had left for the library a few hours before. And where was her roommate? Kagura was nowhere to be found, and there was absolutely no way to tell if she had been there…

And who could have done this to their room? Ripping everything apart was one thing, but destroying the heavy wooden bed-ends and vanities was another thing entirely. No normal person could have done that without being heard!

A chill threaded its way down Umi’s spine. She had encountered creatures in her time that could have done this…but they had all been in Cephiro. Cephiro…

Now wholly panicked and whirling around to flee, Umi saw a flash of something red. Her curiosity got the best of her, and she pushed the door closed to investigate the new mystery. Her eyes scanned over the source of the color. And this time, she couldn’t hold the scream back.

Scrawled across the wall and the back of the door were Cephirean runes, in brilliant crimson. Something wet, that had run in big fat drops and dripped down the wall and door. It looked like blood…

That, combined with the message it delivered, sent the shriek of horror tearing from Umi’s throat.


Umi grappled with the doorknob for a second before it finally twisted in her hand and she stumbled and fell into the hallway, where Fuu and Hikaru had spilled from their room next door to see what the commotion was about. Sitting on the floor in the hall, with her back pressed against the opposite wall, Umi pointed with one trembling finger at the chaos.

Others were flying from their rooms, like angry hornets surging out of the nest. In extremely short order, an entire crowd had gathered and was gaping at the mess. Murmurs and hurried whispers swept through the crowd, for no one had any idea who—or what—could have done that.

Fuu recovered from her shock first, and started asking if anyone knew where Kagura was. Someone from down the hall said they had seen her go into the room about an hour and a half earlier; they remembered it clearly because Kagura had stopped at their open door to say hello, and had made a comment that it was already so late. But they didn’t know where she had gone after that.

And as everyone stared in horror and bewilderment at the remnants of Umi and the missing Kagura’s dorm room, the entire room suddenly burst into flames.

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