Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Splish Splash (30 Hugs: Heiji/Kazuha)

Title: Splish Splash
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #27—splash
Pairing: Hattori Heiji/Toyama Kazuha
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan or any related characters. They belong to Gosho Aoyama. I simply throw fruit at them, take pictures, and call it modern art. Critics love me.
Summary: It’s one of the best parts of summer.

Going to the swimming pool was one of the standard summer activities of most teenagers. It was even better when Ran-chan and Conan-kun were in town and could go with them—the more, the merrier.

However, Kazuha was still absolutely bewildered as to where Heiji had come up with his favorite pool pastime. Honestly, how in the world had he thought of trying to guess girls’ bathing suits? She really should just ask…and then possibly bop him on the head, just for good measure.

And now, she watched him prodding Conan into participating into said game. Why did he feel the need to corrupt the young? Wasn’t it bad enough that he was such an ahou? He shouldn’t be trying to rub off on an impressionable seven-year-old.

Still, Conan seemed entertained, almost amused at the idiocy—Kazuha privately suspected that it might have been because the boy was actually smarter than Heiji. But she waited until her wayward friend was alone for a moment (Ran had collected Conan to go in search of beverages for everyone) to tell him so, in accordance with her duties as Official Best Friend.

The response was a Classic Combination. First, he looked all irritated. Then he gave her the patented Heiji Glare, and then he called her an ahou. She’d been expecting just that. He was so predictable.

Rolling her eyes, she put one hand on his chest—his bare, damp, tanned, rather muscular chest, she noted without saying so (the girl was many things, but she wasn’t blind)—and gave him a half-hearted push. She was slightly surprised when he actually jumped to fall backwards into the water with a sizable splash. Moreso, he didn’t come back up…

“Heiji?” she looked around; he’d gone down far too easily. “Heiji?” She glanced down at the big dark blob down at the bottom of the pool. On reflex, she slapped the surface of the water, sending a small spray of droplets flying in every direction; even though she knew he couldn’t hear her, she felt compelled to make a comment anyway. “Ahou, get out of there before you drown.”

He didn’t obey—no surprise there. But the shadow below the water’s surface moved. It circled her legs (she could have sworn she heard the Jaws theme playing…) before disappearing behind her.

From underwater, arms slid tightly around her waist. She had about two seconds to take a breath and hold it before she was pulled backwards; her back arched as she descended back into the water headfirst with a nice splash.

Even though she’d taken the breath and was subconsciously ready for this, she wasn’t quite ready for the fact that the water was damn near Arctic in temperature. Instinct clocked in, and the second she was released she started kicking like crazy to get her head back above water.

Kazuha finally surfaced, sputtering like crazy.

Heiji was already back above water, waiting expectantly.

Kazuha glared, making a vain attempt to shove her wet bangs out of her eyes.

Heiji was grinning like…well, like an idiot.

Kazuha was not surprised at this. She sighed, and gave up on trying to prevent the smile that was tugging at the corner of her mouth. As the wry smirk inched its way across her features, she shook her head at his childish antics…

And grabbed his shoulders and dunked him, finally initiating a full-blown water fight.

PS. Ah, random silliness, of the very short variety. A nice break from the fluzzy angst and such, I think. Fun to write, too. Anyway, I got back from Europe in one piece—had a blast, didn’t touch my fics the entire time I was there, and I’m pretty sure they took my muses out of my head while I was going through customs, ‘cause the ideas are gone…anyhoo, thanks for reading, all. Catch ya later!

Tags: character: heiji, character: kazuha, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 hugs, misc: theme comm

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