Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Six Secrets (30 Ways: Shinichi/Ran)

Title: Six Secrets
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Kudo Shinichi/Mouri Ran
Theme: #16—honesty
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan. All characters are the property of Gosho Aoyama. I simply threaten to make them watch old Barney tapes unless they obey me. Trust me, they listen.
Summary: There were things about her that he didn’t know. And she decided to tell him.

Contrary to popular belief, Mouri Ran did have secrets.

Even more surprising was the fact that there were a few secrets she didn’t even tell Shinichi, despite the fact that they’d been an officially couple since his “miraculous” return two years earlier.

And with the realization that they’d been together this long and that things were getting increasingly serious came the comprehension that there were still things about her that Shinichi didn’t know. And not all of them were necessarily good.

Not that it was anything atrociously awful—she was a good person. But still…those things were there. And after a bit of soul-searching and thinking, she decided to tell him. With things moving the way they were between them…he had a right to know.

And so she found herself here.

Ran felt a bit guilty about sneaking into Shinichi’s house at this hour of the morning—it was seven-thirty, early by almost any standards—but his door had always been open to her, and she did have a key. She’d never been shy about coming here before.

…but usually he either wasn’t here or he was awake.

And there was something that felt very invasive about entering a person’s home in the knowledge that they were still lost to innocent slumber. Even moreso when she crept up the stairs to his bedroom, eased the door open, and peered inside.

He was still asleep. Good. That meant she could make her delivery unseen and unhindered and leave quickly. She dug into her purse and withdrew the package she had come to deliver.

Six postcards, all tied together with a red ribbon. Red was his favorite color, after all. Each postcard bore a secret, outlined in her own hand. They were things she had never told him or anyone else. But they were serious about each other, and she felt like he should know.

Six postcards for six secrets.

She tiptoed across the room and gingerly set the tiny bundle on the pillow by his head. There was no way he’d miss them when he woke up. She risked a few more seconds to just look at him and smile down at him before sneaking out again.

And she left quickly, before she could change her mind and go back to retrieve them.

Work proved only a minor distraction. She kept finding herself staring into space, wondering if he’d woken up yet, if he’d found them, if he’d read them…more than once, a co-worker had to call her back down to reality. Still, she couldn’t keep herself from trying to imagine how he’d reacted.

Six secrets. And not were all necessarily flattering.

Ran glanced at the clock. Ten after ten. There was no way that he was still sleeping, he had to have woken up. And she’d left those there so he would definitely see them when he woke up.

Again, her co-worker was calling her back down from the moon, and she tried to refocus, though her mind continued to drift towards imaginings of what he would think, what he would say…


She jumped and looked up at the person who had apparently materialized beside her. “Shinichi…”

That was burned into her mind, the way he looked right then. It wasn’t even that spectacular, really, jeans and a black button-down shirt—he looked like he always did. But he seemed out of breath, like he had run here…and he was holding a tiny sheaf of paper bound by a red ribbon…

And he was smiling.

He took a second to catch his breath and steady himself before he dropped to his knees, putting one arm on the back of her chair to keep his balance. “Ran,” he smiled, “will you marry me?”

For a moment, Ran forgot to breathe. And then she smiled. “Yes…” And ignoring the fact that the entire office was watching and cheering, she leaned down to let him kiss her.

PS. Inspired by my friend’s PostSecret book. It’s an incredible website—very eye-opening. As to what Ran’s secrets are…that’s a secret. Or I don’t know. Whichever. Thanks for reading, all. Much love!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, knightusmaximus!!

Tags: character: ran, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 ways, misc: theme comm

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