Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

The Morning After the Night Before (40 Nights: Kaito/Aoko)

Title: The Morning After the Night Before
Fandom: Detective Conan/Magic Kaitou
Author: Candyland
Theme: #31—finally together
Pairing: Kuroba Kaito/Nakamori Aoko
Rating: PG-13 (suggestive dialogue)
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Gosho Aoyama. I do not own them. I merely borrow them, drop them in a blender, hit puree, and watch them dance. Yes, dance, my pretties…ahem.
Summary: Some mornings, you just don’t want to wake up right away…

Sleep was slipping away, but Aoko was not yet ready to wake.

Instead, she kept her eyes closed and stayed huddled beneath the thick cocoon of blankets, in the cozy nest of warmth created by her own contained body heat. Still, consciousness persisted in dragging her from her rest, and grudgingly, she permitted herself to be carried along, though she kept her eyes closed for quite a few minutes longer. The covers were pulled all the way over her head; she could get away with a few more stolen moments of precious sleep.

Finally, it could no longer be helped, and she let her eyes open to take in the first site of the morning: the relative darkness under the cover of sheets and comforters. Slowly, she took a deep breath and moved for the first time in the minutes that she’d been awake.

She nearly gasped as muscles that had been left to stiffen all night were now startled back into motion, and protested against the movement. One arm was curled beneath her head, the other wrapped loosely around her stomach; she was laying on her side. She rolled over onto her back and stretched her arms over her head. Then, feeling greatly daring, she dragged her hands downwards, skimming over the bare skin of her shoulders, stomach, hips, down to her legs.

A contented sigh escaped her without her actual permission, in spite of the fact that a few of her muscles were still groaning. It wasn’t painful, just…odd. Something she wasn’t quite used to feeling, an entirely new sensation.

She finally decided that she was ready to say goodbye to the night and greet the day. She slid upwards a bit and pushed the blankets down and away from her face. Instantly, she winced as light brushed her eyes for the first time and closed her eyes and turned her head away from the window, bringing one hand up and pressing the back of it against her eyes to further block out the light. Another soft sigh slipped through her lips. It was morning.

Slowly, Aoko became aware of a shadow leaning over her, even with her eyes closed; she sensed it, and it stopped the light from falling on her face. She was not alarmed, but rather felt a bit silly for not expecting it. The low chuckle that invaded her ears only further served to prove her suspicions correct.

Giving in, she opened her eyes and looked up towards the figure responsible for the shadow.

“Good morning,” Kaito said quietly. He was smiling, and his eyes were glowing with the early morning light behind him. He was kneeling or sitting beside the bed, with his arms folded and resting on the edge of the bed, his chin pillowed on his arms.

Aoko brushed her hair back with the hand already at her forehead and returned the gentle smile, feeling the blush inch its way across her cheeks. “Good morning. You’re up early, aren’t you?”

“Uh-uh,” he shook his head. “You just slept late.”

“Whatever,” she pretended to roll her eyes. “How long have you been awake?” She pulled the sheet a bit closer to her and trapped it between her sides and her upper arms so it stayed wrapped around her slender torso like a tube top; there, everything important was covered. It wasn’t really necessary to hide, but more force of habit.

He shifted a bit, and she could see that he wasn’t actually fully dressed himself; he’d apparently opted instead to wrap himself up in a fuzzy white bathrobe and take up his vigil by the bed. “About an hour. Watched the sunrise. I tried to wake you up to see it, but you just keep rolling over and mumbling something about school and five more minutes. You sleep like the dead, you know that?”

Aoko shifted to prop herself up on one elbow, keeping the bed sheet wrapped tightly around her. She was still so self-conscious being with him, like this…even if it was okay now. “I have to sleep like the dead if I’m going to get any rest around you,” she grinned at him. “You snore.”

Kaito at least had the grace to look indignant. “I do not!” He used his elbows as leverage to pull himself up and sit on the bed beside her. “Soooooo…what’s the plan for today?” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, indicating his own thoughts quite clearly.

Aoko shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Remember? Your mother’s hosting brunch for the family and close friends. Opening presents. Having to go out in public. Ringing any bells?”

He sighed and pretended to topple over, landing on top of her, his head resting against her sheet-covered stomach; he chuckled when she let out a squawk of surprise. “Aww…do we have to? I’d rather stay here, just you and me…” He stopped when she raised a hand and gave him a sound thwap on the head. “Or we could go to my mom’s…”

“We’re going to your mom’s. End of discussion,” Aoko said firmly. As appealing as the prospect of spending the entire day lounging about, enjoying the simple comforts and pleasures of being together, they really needed to put in a public appearance. It wouldn’t do to wear themselves out now, in the earliest moments of this new stage in their lives.

“For how long?”

“As long as it takes.”

“Aww…you’re sure we can’t just stay here and cuddle instead?” he pleaded in his best sad puppy dog voice, if such a thing existed, and slid his arms around her waist in a loose hug, keeping his head firmly pressed to her stomach.

“Would you stop already?” she said in a voice that was part-sigh and part-laughter, giving his shoulders a half-hearted push. He was not amusing and definitely not cute, not at all.

“All right, fine, you win,” he pouted, sitting up. He was still leaning over her, though; his expression had grown thoughtful. “Hey, Aoko, what time were we supposed to be at my mom’s?”

She thought for a second. “I think she said about eleven or so.”

“…it’s nine right now.”

Aoko blinked. “I’m proud of you, Kaito. You can tell ti—MMPH!” She was cut off.

Very enthusiastically.

Immediately, she had flashbacks to the events of the night before.

“Kaito!” she half-squealed when he released her.

“Whaaaaaaaaat?” he grinned. “I don’t have to keep my hands to myself anymore! Besides,” he flipped into the vacant spot beside her on the bed, keeping one arm securely around her waist, “the sheet thing’s a good look for you.”

Aoko briefly thought of going in search of a mop, but decided that required too much effort, to say nothing of having to leave her nice, warm bed and the nice, warm arm holding her close. Still, she should probably get up before he got any bright ideas.

Knowing Kaito, though, he was already entertaining several bright ideas.

As Aoko contemplated that point, an idea occurred to her as well. A very intriguing idea…

“I’m getting up,” she said suddenly. She sat up, using one hand to make sure the sheet stayed firmly in place around her chest and torso. Hearing Kaito’s little whine of protest and seeing his whipped puppy look, she gave him a raised eyebrow. “Don’t give me that look, pal. I’m going to go take a shower.”

“Meanie…” he muttered, his eyes trailing after her as she headed towards the bathroom, still dragging that infernal sheet behind her like the train of a gown. It was blocking what would have otherwise been such a lovely view.

He heard Aoko giggle as she disappeared into the bathroom, pulling the door behind her. A second later, the sound of running water echoed from behind the door.

Kaito sighed and stared at the door forlornly for a moment before he noticed something unusual: Aoko had left the door open. Not much, though—just a crack. But it was open, nonetheless. He frowned; he wasn’t one hundred percent certain, but he didn’t think that was normal.


There was a beat, and then it clicked.

…oh. Oh. OH!

Employing all his stealth, he slithered across the room. Nothing had attacked him yet…definitely a good sign. Grinning broadly to himself, he slipped inside, where Aoko was waiting. And he made sure the door was shut tightly.

Now that they were finally together, it seemed that married life was going to be very interesting.

Very interesting, indeed.

PS. This started off all nice and sweet, and then Kaito started reading over my shoulder and complaining, and…yeah. It always has to end in perversion. Why does it always have to end so dirty? Oh well, ‘twas fun anyway. Thanks for reading, all. Much love!

Tags: character: aoko, character: kaito/kaitou kid, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 40 nights, misc: theme comm

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