Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Lights Out (30 Hugs: Heiji/Kazuha)

Title: Lights Out
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #23—candlelight
Pairing: Hattori Heiji/Toyama Kazuha
Rating: PG (minimal swearing)
Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan or any related characters. They belong to Gosho Aoyama. I simply throw fruit at them, take pictures, and call it modern art. Critics love me.
Summary: The thunder roared, the lightning flared, and the lights went out.

It wasn’t that Kazuha was afraid of storms.

Quite the contrary—she usually found them quite lovely. She knew people who were afraid of thunder and lightning, but what other people feared, she enjoyed. Listening to the sounds of a storm relaxed her, and nighttime rains could put her to sleep as little else could.

And right now was just that kind of weather: rain, thunder, lightning, wind, nighttime—the works.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much enjoyment to be had at the moment, as Heiji had decided that now was the perfect time to have another one of their infamous arguments. Smack dab in the middle of his living room just as she was trying to leave, no less.

Between his usual antics (involving childish comments regarding her figure, her intelligence, and other such things) and her irritation at missing out on a perfect storm, Kazuha returned with a few of her own choice comments (many involving thoughts about his mental state, his looks or lack thereof, and one particularly creative statement questioning his parents’ marital status at the time of his birth).

In other words, just another screaming match.

But finally, as the obscenity contest faded into a glaring silence, the music of the storm took over to fill the void. The thunder roared, the lightning flared—

—and the lights flickered and went out, plunging the house into total darkness.

“…well, shit,” Heiji cursed after a moment.

Kazuha heard the scuffling sounds of movement, and then a hand brushed her shoulder. Instinct nearly forced her to step back, but she stood still. “Heiji—got a flashlight, or some candles or something?”

“Yeah, I think there are some in the kitchen…” he muttered. “C’mon, watch your step.”

The argument already forgotten, she obediently trailed after him towards the kitchen. She did have to bite back a smile, though, as she heard a clunk (which she assumed was his shin hitting something) and then some cursing. But they made it with all their limbs intact.

Unfortunately, an unpleasant discovery was waiting for them once they got there.

“Hell of a time to find out the batteries are dead,” Heiji grumbled, flicking the switch on the flashlight back and forth, on and off, even though it wasn’t having any effect. The flashlight bulb remained dark, and so did the room. Finally, he dropped the worthless flashlight back into the drawer and shut it before fumbling around. “I think Mom keeps some candles in here…”

Kazuha waited patiently. She heard another drawer open, more scuffling and scraping…

Finally, something slender was pressed into her hand, and she instinctively wrapped her fingers around it in response. “Here.” There was the snap of a match being struck, and a small flame appeared in the air. In seconds, the candle in her hand was lit, casting a warm yellow glow across her face and hands. Heiji’s face was suddenly illuminated.

“Yay for light,” Kazuha murmured happily, watching as Heiji held a second candle to hers to light it. With the introduction of light and the absence of bickering, the atmosphere seemed much more relaxed. “Let’s go back out to the living room. We can wait there until the power comes back.”

“Sounds good,” Heiji agreed without argument.. He moved past her to lead the way back towards the appointed room; he unceremoniously dropped onto one end of the couch and waited while she perched beside him. Beyond the windows there, the storm raged through the darkness.

They were quiet for a long moment before Kazuha spoke up. “I really like storms?”


“Storms. I don’t get why people are afraid of them,” she said quietly. “I think they’re pretty. The sound of the rain is so relaxing, and I really like thunder and lightning. I love storms.”

“A long time ago,” Heiji commented, “people thought thunder meant that the gods had been angered. They feared it because it meant the wrath of the gods. Now…I dunno. If people don’t understand things, their first instinct is to fear it.”

“…do you like storms?”

“I guess so.”

Kazuha fell silent, sensing that the short-lived topic had been exhausted. Instead, she glanced around the room. The candlelight alleviated the gloom in some ways, while in others it almost made it worse. Shadows that were faint in the night now grew and lengthened and seemed to move of their own volition…and Kazuha found it more than a little creepy.

Still, she held her tongue. Teasing from Heiji was not what she needed right then. Instead, she tried to focus on the flame of her candle, watching it writhe and dance in the embrace of the air around it. And she listened to the storm, the soothing sound of rain…she began to relax…

A cell-phone ring dropped into the quiet.

Kazuha jumped up and let out a yelp…and dropped her candle.

Heiji was on his feet in a second, grappling at the fallen light in a panic. Fortunately, the flame had gone out when the candle bounced off the floor. He picked it up and turned to her; the way the light cast on his face gave him an almost demonic look.

But he grabbed his phone—the remaining candlelight allowed him to find it on an end table—and answered, still glaring at her. “Hello? Mom? Yeah, we’re fine…uh-huh…we found the candles…nope, everything’s all right. Uh-huh…uh-huh…yeah…okay. Yeah. See you when you get home. Later.”

He hung up the phone, slowly put it into his pocket, and turned to give her a Look. “Are you crazy? Are you trying to set my house on fire?” he growled.

“No,” Kazuha shook her head. “It was an accident.”

Heiji rolled his eyes and sat back down, glowering. He didn’t give her the candle back, though.

Kazuha stood in the darkness for a moment, thinking. Then she walked past him, stumbling only slightly, and walked out of the room without a word.

“Where are you going, ahou?” Heiji called after her.


There was a pause before he spoke again. “You’re not serious.”

The front door opened, allowing the sound of rain to echo loudly through the entryway and front hall. “Yes, I am.” There were footsteps, and the door closed, and it all fell silent.

Heiji sat still for about five seconds before he realized that she’d actually done it. He jumped up, blew out his candle, and sprinted to the front door (without casualty), pausing only long enough to grab a jacket and slip his shoes on before dashing out into the storm. For a moment, he was blinded by the rain, but squinting through it, he could see her, spinning around in the middle of his yard.

“Kazuha!” he called to her. “You’re crazy!”

She turned to him, and he could see that she was already completely drenched…but she was smiling broadly. “Isn’t it great?” She twirled again, holding her arms out at her sides like a little girl pretending to be a ballerina. Her hair was hanging loose; she'd either pulled the ribbon from her hair, or the wind had torn it away. Either way, her hair was swinging around her, long and free...and soaked.

“You’re gonna get struck by lightning!” he hollered, feeling rainwater seep down the back of his neck. Great. Now he was soaked. Peachy. “Kazuha, get your ass back inside!”

“Don’t wanna!” she sang back, suddenly whipping around to jump in a sizable puddle on the sidewalk. She grinned at him and gestured for him to move closer. “Why don’t you come over here?”

“Ahou!” he stormed towards her, reaching out with intent to grab her by the arm and drag her back inside…but instead, she startled him by lunging at him instead of dodging out of the way. Her arms caught him squarely around the waist, sending him stumbling backwards and finally to the sidewalk…

Right on his back in a puddle.

A nice, cold, wet, deep puddle.

Kazuha giggled and jumped back to her feet, laughing.

Heiji sat up. He was now drenched to the skin. He was cold, he was not exactly happy…and there she was, grinning at him like she’d just won some huge battle. All she’d done was knock him in a puddle! Oh, he’d show her who was boss…

With a growl, Heiji launched himself up from the puddle and at Kazuha. She screamed and dodged and took off running as he gave chase, shouting something about her not getting away with this. Eventually he got her, and Kazuha’s nose received a rather abrupt introduction to the wet grass. Granted, he hadn’t meant to face-plant her, but she’d twisted at the last second.

Finally, after quite the battle, Kazuha tackled him one last time, knocking the two soaked, muddy teens back onto the grass; she wound up sprawled half on top of him, while he landed on his back in the wet grass, one of his arms draped casually across her back. They were drenched and messy and laughing their heads off as the rain continued to pour down on them.

Kazuha grinned. “We haven’t done that since we were kids!”

“You are a NERD,” he retorted.

"Maybe..." she let her head rest against his chest.

There was a pause. "Kazuha?"

She just shook her head and sighed. “Told you I liked storms.”

PS. Moving along, moving along. This was a half-formed PWP plunnie…as I’m sure you can tell. I had no idea where this was going, and it wound up there. Somehow...okay, I admit it. I HAD NO PLOT! AND I DIDN'T REALIZE IT UNTIL HALFWAY THROUGH! Partially inspired by a storm we had a couple of nights ago, and the people I saw outside in it :D

So anyway, only twelve left! Thanks for reading, all. Much love!

Tags: character: heiji, character: kazuha, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 hugs, misc: theme comm

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