Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

She Cries (40 Nights: Kaito/Aoko)

Title: She Cries
Fandom: Detective Conan/Magic Kaitou
Author: Candyland
Theme: #19—crying all night for you
Pairing: Kuroba Kaito/Nakamori Aoko
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Gosho Aoyama. I do not own them. I merely borrow them, drop them in a blender, hit puree, and watch them dance. Yes, dance, my pretties…ahem.
Summary: No one ever said being a parent was easy.

It was a simple fact: Kaito liked his sleep.

It was also a simple fact: Aoko did too.

However, there was a new presence in their lives that didn’t really care if they wanted to sleep or not. Furthermore, this presence was not one that could just be ignored—it demanded their undivided attention at any given moment, and they had to respond.

At the moment, that presence was calling for attention in its preferred method: by screaming loudly enough to wake the whole neighborhood. Or so the new parents thought as their daughter’s cry once again jolted them both awake.

Kaito groaned and buried his face in the pillow. “Five more minutes…”

Beside him, Aoko rolled over, pulling the comforter up to her chin. “It’s your turn.”

“But I don’t wanna…” he mumbled halfheartedly into the pillowcase.

There was a pause before the mattress shifted as Aoko sat up. “Fine…I’ll go…”

A hand caught her shoulder and pushed her back to the bed. “No, you won’t. I was just kidding. I’m up—go back to sleep, Mom,” Kaito ordered gently. He was already standing and carefully tucking the blankets back in around her. Aoko did not protest; a moment later, her breathing evened out as she tumbled back into Dreamland.

He lingered for a mere moment more, smiling as he watched her relax into slumber. But his daughter’s call drew him away from his wife’s side. “All right, all right,” he half-called as he started the short trek down the hallway to the baby’s room. They’d only moved their little girl down to her nursery a few days prior, having had her sleeping in their room for the first couple of weeks. “I’m coming, I’m coming…I’m here.” He walked in and crossed the room to the crib.

Their blessing was waving one tiny fist in the air, screaming her little lungs out.

“Aww, what’sa matter, Aya-chan?” he whispered soothingly, reaching down to scoop her up. Another eardrum-shattering shriek was the response, and he chuckled in spite of the fact that his ears felt like they were bleeding. “Shh, shh…don’t wake up Mommy, she’s tiiiiiired.”

Aya-chan didn’t seem to hear that—she just cried against her father’s shoulder, wanting something that she didn’t yet have the means to directly convey.

Kaito walked in circles around the room, rubbing her back and whispering soothingly to the distraught child. It took a while, but slowly the cries began to ebb into hiccups and hoarse breathing. Recognizing that he was about to win the day (or night, as it were), Kaito started humming. He wasn’t a singer by any means—his performance subject of choice was magic rather than music—but he had been blessed with a voice good enough to lull his infant daughter back to sleep.

And finally, Aya’s little head lulled against his shoulder, one of her tiny fists clutching at his shirt. Her hiccups softened into little whimpers before evening into deep, steady breathing.

Still, he didn’t put her back to bed right away. Instead, he moved to stand by the bedroom window, still cradling his baby daughter against his shoulder. It was incredibly calming to just stand there, looking out at the stars and holding one of his greatest blessings. So quiet, so peaceful…

He’d been standing there like that for several minutes before an enormous yawn threatened to split his face in two, and he realized how tired he was. While he enjoyed these moments with Aya-chan, the sleep deprivation was starting to get to him. His years of practice at functioning on little sleep (said practice having been acquired through his years as a well-known jewel thief) were coming into play, but still…

No one ever said being a parent was easy.

But even with as short a time as he’d worn it, he was already in love with his new title.


His eyelids were starting to droop now. Best to put Aya down and seek his own bed.

Still, even after he lowered her back into her crib and pulled the pale yellow blanket up around her, he lingered. He was as smitten with her as he was with her mother—Aoko had teased him about the fact that Aya-chan already had her doting daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger.

Sometimes, he hated it when she was right.

Arms slid around his waist from behind him. He tensed slightly, but relaxed again as he realized there was only one possible culprit. A glance over his shoulder proved him right. “I thought you were sleeping…here I was telling Aya-chan not to wake you up.”

There was a low chuckle, and the head resting against his shoulder shifted slightly. “Hmm…I was lonely,” Aoko murmured softly, tightening her arms around him. “Everything all right?”

“Yup. She’s asleep again,” he looked back down at the infant girl asleep in the crib. “Just like her Mommy, too—demands attention, screams when she’s angry…“ He felt Aoko tense behind him, and went on, “She’s absolutely beautiful, and I’d do just about anything for her.”

Aoko relaxed again, and Kaito took advantage of it to turn around in her arms and draw her to him for a hug and a quick kiss. “C’mon,” she said softly, leaning back and taking his hand to pull him towards the door. “Let’s go back to bed and try to get a few minutes of sleep before she wakes up again.”

Kaito let himself be pulled to the door. “How long do you think we have before the next alarm goes off?” he asked, punctuating the sentence with a yawn. Suddenly, he was awfully tired again.

“Who knows?” Aoko replied, echoing his yawn. “Not long enough.”

There was little ceremony in crawling back into bed. More like Aoko flopped down on the mattress, not even bothering to pull the blankets around her. Kaito took a little more time to at least pull the sheet around his waist before rolling over and slinging an arm around Aoko’s waist to pull her a bit closer before burying his face in the pillow and dropping off to sleep in record time.

For a while, all was peaceful; they slept quietly.


A baby’s cry pierced the air.

PS. Well, I’m coming off hiatus, and nobody’s coming out of the woodwork to kill me for not updating for two months. That’s a good thing, right? YAYS! Anyway, a slightly shorter plunnie (of the PWP variety) for y’all, written especially for everyone who commented that they wanted to see more of Aya-chan.

Hope you liked it! Oh oh oh—and I have the plunnie for the next Night, and I think it’s going to be AWESOME :D *holds up own horn and goes TOOT* I’m coming back, folks! YAY! Thanks for reading—much love!

Tags: character: aoko, character: kaito/kaitou kid, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 40 nights, misc: theme comm

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