Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Common Ground (Fanfic100)

Title: Common Ground
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Nakamori, Kaitou Kid (General series)
Prompt:Word Count: 452 words
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: I do not own Detective Conan. It all belongs to Gosho Aoyama. I simply borrow the characters, tie them up, and dance them around like life-sized puppets. I do wish they’d stop complaining.
Summary: What’s that stain on your jacket? A short scene between Nakamori and Kaitou Kid.

It was a rare moment on a heist when Nakamori-keibu found himself face-to-face with his elusive quarry, Kaitou Kid. And yet here they were, on the rooftop of a skyscraper as helicopters roared nearby and search-lights illuminated the sky around them.

Unfortunately, the Inspector was the only one to have made it that far. No one else had managed to catch up. So he stood alone against this worthiest of adversaries. He knew he had no chance of actually apprehending Kid as the circumstances were now, unless Kid’s god-like luck suddenly decided to change.

Fat chance of that happening.

As a search-light scanned over them, he could clearly see the smug, familiar smirk under Kid’s moustache. “Excellent work tonight, Nakamori-keibu,” the thief said in his usual smooth, confident baritone. “Quite a chase!”

Nakamori opened his mouth to reply, but paused when he noticed something very odd: there was a large orange stain on the front of Kid’s jacket. He hadn’t even noticed it earlier in all the chaos of the chase and the target going missing right under their noses, but not it seemed painfully obvious. It was startling, because Kid never appeared looking anything less than pristine—quite a feat, considering his rather unusual choice of uniform. And it was because of that fact that he couldn’t stop himself from asking. “What’s that stain on your jacket?”

Kid looked down at himself, then back up at the Inspector with a wry smile. “Ah, that. Well…it’s carrots,” he sighed. “My son didn’t want to open for the choo-choo.”

Nakamori winced, thinking of his own infant daughter at home. Aoko was an adorable, happy baby, but she already had a fierce temper. “I know where you’re coming from.”

Kid smiled knowingly. “You have a young daughter yourself, correct?”

“Yes. I do.”

For a moment, they were connected, no longer predator and prey, but both united on a common ground of understanding as parents. It was definitely an unexpected commonality, but it was there.

And then reality came back. Nakamori was a cop. Kid was a thief. They were in the middle of a post-heist chase. Therefore, standing around staring at each other was really a very bad idea.

“On that note,” Kid announced, seeming to regain himself, “I must take my leave. A pleasant evening to you, my dear keibu!” With a flourish of cape and a huge poof of smoke, the thief was gone like the phantom that was his namesake.

And while Nakamori-keibu was standing on the rooftop shaking his head and cursing under his breath, Kaitou Kid was gliding towards home and hoping that his eternally-patient wife would be able to erase the mark of little Kaito’s dinnertime temper tantrum.

PS. Before anyone even asks, I have no idea why Toichi was wearing his Kid outfit to feed Kaito. Let’s just call it a twist of fate, kay? I don’t know why this idea amused me as much as it did, but there you have it. Thanks for reading, all. Much love!

Tags: character: nakamori-keibu, character: toichi, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: fanfic100, misc: theme comm
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