Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Preferential Treatment (Kingdom Hearts)

Title: Preferential Treatment
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts: The touching story of a boy, his dog, his duck, and his Keyblade as he tries to find his missing friends in worlds straight out of the Disney vault.
Wordcount: 232
Taunt: My fandom is canon crossover!

Sora was really starting to wonder.

When they came to Atlantica in search of the Keyhole there, they’d wound up getting sucked into quite a side-quest…er, adventure. Swimming the ocean, duking it out with sharks and evil electric eels, and now they were facing the Big Bad herself, Ursula.

Literally big, too. She was huge.

But as they rallied against the sea witch, a rather odd pattern became very clear.

Ariel was helping them fight Ursula both as vengeance for her father and as penance for what she had done. And the youngest daughter of King Triton was being quite generous in dispensing healing potions during the heat of battle.


Would it have hurt Ariel to heal someone other than Goofy once in a while? Honestly, she would toss the potion and a badly-battered Sora would get his hopes up…only to hear her call out Goofy’s name as the strange dog-turtle was healed for the sixth time in two minutes.

It was getting very annoying.

So as he doged another magical attack from the point of Ursula’s trident, he allowed himself a tiny little glare at her. Did she have a thing for Goofy or something? Which was weird in its own right…

Oh well. Seemed it couldn’t be helped.

…but it still made Sora wonder!

PS. When my friends and I played this game and fought Ursula, this is pretty much what happened. Sora could be dangling by a string, and she would heal Goofy. Always healing Goofy. It was, as stated, extremely annoying.

OMAKE: Dammit, Ariel, we don’t get a game over if Goofy KO’s! Now heal me!

Tags: 100fandomhell, fandom: kingdom hearts

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