Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Hands (30 Ways: Shinichi/Ran)

Title: Hands
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Kudo Shinichi/Mouri Ran
Theme: #29—see the world my way
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan. All characters are the property of Gosho Aoyama. I simply threaten to make them watch old Barney tapes unless they obey me. Trust me, they listen.
Summary: She should have been angry. But she was just…tired. And sad.

Ran felt like she should be furious.

Shinichi had lied to her for all this time. And like a complete sucker, she had let herself be duped over and over again, believing the excuses and phony reasons for his absence because she simply could not believe that her lifelong best friend would lie to her like that. She had even gone so far as to tell Conan secrets—things she never would have told Shinichi.

She really thought that she should be livid over it all. But really, she was just…tired. And sad.

Maybe it was because she had seen first-hand what the responsible parties were capable of.

Or maybe it was because “what they were capable of” had left Shinichi comatose, barely alive, and in the intensive care unit. He had been rushed into surgery immediately upon his arrival in the emergency room.

They had saved him. By what magic she didn’t know. But he was alive, though still in critical condition.

And she had finally been allowed to go into his room, after what seemed an infinity of waiting. When she walked in, she was stunned at how much machinery was pulled up around him and plugged into him. Even from just inside the door, she could see how pale he was; it didn’t help that the sheets wrapped around him were white.

Ran moved to his bedside and found that he was even more ghostly up close. He was not yet strong enough to breathe completely on his own, and so a breathing mask had been placed over his mouth and nose to help, obscuring the bottom half of his face.

Were he conscious, he probably would have been very embarrassed for her to see him like this. He was always so independent; he hated for anyone to see him vulnerable. It was a weakness.

But…what would he think if he knew how she saw him right then? She didn’t see him as weak or even necessarily vulnerable. She saw suffering and pain and loss and the end of a very long, awful road. He wasn’t weak—he was exhausted, and rightfully so.

She just hoped that for right now, at least, he could see things her way. If not, she would have to convince him.

Ran waited, lost in her thoughts, until he opened his eyes. He didn’t focus in on anything in particular for a few moments. His half-lidded gaze floated around the room, not really seeming to see anything until they passed over her, where they paused and finally focused in.

He was still drugged to the teeth from his surgery; chances were that he wouldn’t be able to count to one anytime soon. But he saw her. He recognized her. He might not be aware of anything else around him, but at that moment he knew that she was there. Somehow, that made something warm flutter in her stomach.

“Hey, sunshine,” she said softly. She reached out and let her fingers carefully brush his hair back, trailing over the cool skin on his forehead. “Welcome back.”

Between the medications and the breathing mask, it was probably very difficult (if not impossible) for him to speak. Still, it looked like his mouth was moving and he was attempting to say something, but with no success.

Ran shook her head. “Shh…don’t talk.” As she said this, she slid her fingers down his arm and into his fingers; she gave them a careful squeeze, not sure if it was all right to do so. She didn’t want to hurt him.

Still, he returned the gesture.

Feeling a little bit daring, she gingerly lifted his hand from the bed. It didn’t seem to hurt him or cause him any discomfort, and so she held his hand between both of hers and lifted it further to hold it near her heart. It was beating like crazy by then.

Shinichi squeezed her hand again. It really seemed the only thing he could do answer her or let her know that he was there with her, though he was only barely conscious.

Normally, she wouldn’t have let his hands anywhere near her heart—or rather, the area over her heart, thank you very much. But now it seemed so right. “Can you feel my heart?” she asked quietly. When she squeezed her hand again, she felt tears burning in her eyes. “If you’ll have it…it’s yours.” There. She said it.

Time stood still.

Shinichi squeezed her hand again, but this time he didn’t ease the pressure right away. Instead, he just held on. It was a silent response, but the meaning was relatively clear: I’m not letting go.

Ran wanted to sob. Instead, she pulled his hand up to her lips and pressed a quick kiss to the back of his knuckles. He responded by turning his hand to let his palm rest against her cheek; she could feel him shaking, a sign of how much effort it was really taking for him to even reach out and touch her like that.

It was all he could really tell her without being able to speak. But his eyes said what his voice and touch could not.

PS. I scribbled this out in my notebook, and underneath it I have written the world WAFF in big letters. Yikes to the sugary fluff here. But anyway, this theme has cycled through about three or four different plunnies before it wound up with this one. I TRIUMPH OVER YOU, THEME! Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: character: ran, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 ways, misc: theme comm

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