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16 September 2007 @ 05:41 pm
The Devil's Own (Tantei Gakuen Q)  
Title: The Devil’s Own
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: Tantei Gakuen Q: Class Q is a special class at DDS, a school for detectives. Their teacher is a famous detectives. They solve crazy mysteries and track a mysterious organization. SPOOKY!!
Wordcount: 100
Taunt: My fandom knows every possible way to create a locked room murder. Seriously.

They call him King Hades. He is a man possessed by a demon. Ruthless. Evil. Capable of anything. He controls his organization with an iron fist. The entire world would fear him if they knew anything of his existence.

One day, they bring a baby before him. A boy. They tell him that the child’s name is Ryuu, his grandson.

King Hades looks down at the child for a moment before he smiles. The child is possessed by the same demon, he says. And as such, this seemingly innocent child is already fated.

Ryuu will be the devil’s own successor.

PS. I have only seen this anime, and a few manga raws. So I know very little of the later storyline. I apologize if this somehow flies in the face of any later canon—I am simply not aware of it.

Candyland: Plunniecandyfics on September 26th, 2007 02:00 am (UTC)
Sad part is that Ryuu isn't really that creepy ^^;; He turns out to be a pretty cool character. Thanks, hon!


*pats self on the back*