Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Pick Up (30 Evil Deeds: Gin)

Title: Pick Up
Author: Candyland
Fandom: Detective Conan
Bad Guy: Gin
Theme: #6—monk
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Own Detective Conan, I do not. Own the characters, Gosho Aoyama does. Making money off them, I am not. Borrow and write about them, I merely do. Talk like Yoda, I must.
Summary: This target couldn’t be handled with this usual methods…

Gin wasn’t exactly celibate.

In fact, there was nothing in the Syndicate’s rules or code of conduct that forbid members from enjoying relations or dating. Granted, eyebrows tended to be raised if one of the partners involved was not a Syndicate member; that could put one or both of their lives at risk for security reasons. But fraternizing was not expressly forbidden, provided that it did not interfere with “business.”

So Gin wasn’t exactly oblivious to the fairer sex. Granted, Vermouth made it very difficult for any male to be oblivious to her, whether he wanted to be or not, but that was a special case. He certainly was not a priest or monk, as evidenced by his, ah, behavior. Generally, though, it just wasn’t something he paid a great deal of attention to.

But he currently had a problem. A rather high-profile victim of his had somehow managed to escape Gin’s murderous hand with his life intact. It had recently been determined by the Syndicate higher-ups that said victim was, indeed, very much alive and was now reputedly on the run, hiding out somewhere and waiting for the right time to make a move.

Thus, he found himself on the receiving end of an order from the Boss: he was to find and kill (for real this time) one, Kudo Shinichi, teenage detective extraordinaire. The trouble was that Kudo was apparently very good at hiding. There were a few rumors here and there, but nothing substantial. Nothing panned out.

But someone dropped a bug in Gin’s ear about a possible way to find the elusive detective. Unfortunately, this method—namely, a witness—could not be handled by the usual means. The witness might know something, but given the person’s relatively high-profile nature and reputed loyalty to the missing detective, threats of violence probably would not work.

But there was another way.

And that’s why he was here.

He felt uncomfortable, having traded his trench coat and fedora for a less evil, more conspicuous (or so he thought, because black trench coats were completely unobtrusive) sweater and jeans.

As the target approached, he reminded himself why he was doing this. To get to Kudo and make the second most satisfying kill of his life—the first would be Sherry, when he found her—he had to stoop to this.

The target stopped at the corner, waiting for the light to change. Gin sidled up to the crosswalk, took a breath, and, feeling extremely awkward, said, “So…you come here often?”

Mouri Ran blinked.

PS. There’s probably a firing squad out there with my name on it for this. The joke is based on Conan file 621, which I won’t totally spoil for you. We were joking about how all you had to do to find out Conan’s secret was to hit on Ran, and...well, I made the comment that Gin would exploit that, and lo, a fic was born. MY KINGDOM FOR NON-CRACK PLUNNIES!!

Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: character: gin, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 evil deeds, misc: theme comm

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