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Host with the Most (30 Friends: Shinichi-Heiji)

Title: Host with the Most
Author: Candyland
Fandom: Detective Conan
Friends: Kudo Shinichi/Edogawa Conan and Hattori Heiji
Theme: #10—a night out
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan—all the characters belong to Gosho Aoyama. I just kidnapped them and hid them in my closet to keep them safe from…I dunno, something awful, I’m sure. Don’t worry, I feed them. Sometimes.
Summary: A plan to mess with the guys backfires. Sort of.

“I don’t know about this…” Ran whimpered, though she did allow herself to be pulled along by Kazuha.

“Trust me,” Kazuha said knowingly, pulling Ran towards a dingy-looking building. “You want to make sure that Kudo-kun really loves you? This is the way. Consider it a test, if you will.”

“But I don’t doubt Shinichi!” Ran protested; then a thought occurred to her, and her eyes narrowed. “Or are you just trying to make Hattori-kun jealous, and you don’t want to go alone, so you dragged me along for a girls’ night out.”

“…oh hush.”


The girls had gone out for the evening, leaving Shinichi and Heiji to their own devices. So they were just hanging out, engaging in their usual friendly debates before finally agreeing to watch a baseball game on TV. Shinichi was not a big fan of baseball (“How can you call this a sport! They just stand there and wait for the ball to come to them!”) but there was no soccer game on to suggest as an alternative.

They were in the bottom of the seventh (bases loaded, two outs, and the heavy hitter coming up to bat—pretty stereotypical, really) when Heiji’s cell phone rang. He grabbed it, muttered something about the ahou (leaving Shinichi to deduce that it was Kazuha), and answered, “Hello?”

“Hi, Heiji!” she cheered.

Heiji frowned. “What are you doing?” In the background, he could hear male voices talking.

“Oh, nothing really,” she said airily. “But you’re not going to believe this—Ran-chan and I found a host club. They’re really fun guys!” There were cheers and masculine hoots behind her. “We’re having a great time! Just wanted to see what you’re up to.”

By now Heiji was on his feet. “Where are you?”

“I already told you that, ahou—“

“No, I mean where are you? Address?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just tell me!” he demanded.

“No.” And she hung up.

Heiji felt like he was missing something, but he decided that now was not the time for rational thought. He whirled around and barked at Shinichi, who was still relaxing in his chair and watching the game. “Kudo, do you know how we can find the girls?”

“…why do we want to find them?” Shinichi asked, bewildered.

“Kazuha dragged Neechan to a host club.”

That lit a fire under Shinichi. Not that he actually thought Ran would ever do anything—she was loyal to a fault. But it was the principle of the thing! And besides, masculine pride demanded that he go and rescue his lady-love from the clutches of those…other guys. Not to mention that he’d heard host clubs could be some fairly seedy places. Ran could take care of herself (as could Kazuha, really), but still—he didn’t like the idea. So he nodded. “I don’t know where that would be—but I know someone who probably can give us a hint…”

Somehow, he was not looking forward to calling Sonoko with this particular question.


Ran was rapidly deciding that she didn’t like host clubs. Still, a couple of the guys were proving to be quite pleasant conversation, and Kazuha was having fun goofing off, so she just made herself comfortable and settled in to talk. It turned out that one of the young men knew karate, and so they were discussing techniques.

That was the state of things when the door exploded open and two hurricanes came flying into the room.

Ran was on her feet in an instant. “Shinichi! What’re you doing here?” The guys near her scattered, seeming to sense that this young man could be impending doom on legs if properly provoked.

He stopped in front of her while Hattori continued on his way, stalking towards Kazuha. “We came to get you.”


“Well, because…you know…” he looked down at his shoes, suddenly embarrassed and with none of the bravado he had displayed upon marching into the club with the stated intent of retrieving her.

After a second, it clicked, and Ran smiled. “Shinichi…were you jealous?”

“…a little,” he admitted, not looking directly at her.

Which meant that he was really surprised when she jumped forward and threw her arms around his neck. “That’s so sweet!” she said happily. “But you know I’m not going to do anything like that.” One of her hands touched the side of his face. “You’re the only one for me.”

Their moment was interrupted, however, by the screaming match going on further back in the club. “AHOU!”

“Heiji, what the hell are you doing?”

“I came here to make sure you didn’t do anything stupid!”

“I can take care of myself!”

“No you can’t! What if one of them tried to do something to you?”

“What, were you jealous?”


Shinichi winced and shook his head. Hattori was one of his best friends, but damned if he didn’t want to smack him sometimes. “Hattori…just admit that you’re jealous. Trust me. She’ll like it.”\

PS. There do exist host clubs in Japan, and they apparently tend to be a lot seedier than what we see in Ouran. Blame for this plunnie goes squarely on the shoulders of ran_mouri82. It’s all her fault. Totally. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: character: heiji, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 friends, misc: theme comm
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