Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Ahou is a Pet Name (1sentence: Heiji/Kazuha)

Fandom: Detective Conan
Pairing: Hattori Heiji/Toyama Kazuha
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: G to PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own it! Gosho Aoyama does!

1. Comfort
He was too proud to let her see that he had a scar from where she had stabbed his hand with the arrow; still, it did seem to make her feel better about the whole thing, and that was good.

2. Kiss
Sometimes when he went a little too far, he was treated to the tender, gentle kiss of her hand slapping him across the face.

3. Soft
Kazuha knew Heiji better than anyone else; she, and no one else, had seen the softer side of the brash, goofy detective.

4. Pain
It hurt to know that he really didn’t know how she felt, but she kept a smile on her face.

5. Potatoes
Only from Heiji was the phrase, “Wow, this is actually edible!” a real compliment.

6. Rain
They stood shoulder to shoulder under the store awning and watched the rain fall; he didn’t seem to mind when she linked her arm with his and leaned against him.

7. Chocolate
They had a Valentine’s Day ritual all their own: she would give him chocolate, he would insult her, they would argue with liberal use of the word ‘ahou,’ and then she would get a surprise on White Day.

8. Happiness
Things were to a point where Kazuha couldn’t even pretend to be happy anymore; when he poked her about her moodiness, she blurted out everything about how she felt.

9. Telephone
Seeing her name on his caller ID frequently meant that Heiji was in trouble.

10. Ears
When the criminal’s voice aired, it sounded very similar to Heiji’s sans his thick accent; Kazuha called him and nearly busted his eardrums in her panic.

11. Name
It figured that the one time she wrote “Hattori Kazuha,” just because she was curious as to how it would look, he would grab her notebook to get some notes and see it.

12. Sensual
Kazuha was the only person Heiji trusted to give him a backrub; she somehow always managed to find all of the knots and tight muscles and work them out, making them vanish.

13. Death
Seeing the corrupt lawyer holding a gun to Heiji’s head, ready to kill him…it was a scene out of Kazuha’s worst nightmares.

14. Sex
For all his bravado, Heiji was surprisingly (and secretly) nervous, but Kazuha pushed him down to the bed and straddled his stomach with no hesitation; needless to say, the nerves didn’t last too long.

15. Touch
He liked waking up next to her, but he insisted that they keep their feet from touching—hers were always so cold!

16. Weakness
Kazuha didn’t know that she held the key to Heiji’s most dire weakness: he couldn’t stand to see her cry.

17. Tears
She wanted to go to the play so badly that she started to cry when she thought they were going to lose the competition to Heiji.

18. Speed
How Heiji could go from his brilliant deductions to his normal idiotic self in the blink of an eye was a mystery to her.

19. Wind
He wasn’t about to admit that he MIGHT have gotten a peek when that gust of wind caught Kazuha’s skirt.

20. Freedom
Finally getting to kiss her was one of the most liberating experiences of Heiji’s life.

21. Life
I give my life to you, she thought as she drove the tip of the arrow into his hand; she would fall to her death, but at least then he could live.

22. Jealousy
Kudo was totally wrong—there was no way that Heiji would EVER be jealous when Kazuha was flirting with another guy; let that guy deal with her crap!

23. Hands
Kazuha forgot her gloves one cold day, and Heiji wrapped his fingers around hers to help; his hands were nice and warm.

24. Taste
When it boiled down to it, his tastes really did run to a certain ponytailed ahou with a penchant for screaming and arguing.

25. Devotion
Kazuha had always forgiven his idiocies, followed him to his cases, and patched him up when he got hurt; she hoped he realized just how luck he was to have her.

26. Forever
When he said he would never let go—even if he died—even Heiji was surprised at how much he really meant it.

27. Blood
The first time she let him see her in lingerie, they had to have a time-out from the action so Heiji could tend to his bloody nose.

28. Sickness
The ahou would freak out if she so much as coughed, but refused to even admit to the possibility that he might be sick as he wheezed and fell over sideways.

29. Melody
Theirs was an admittedly odd relationship: if she had a song in her heart, Heiji usually managed to kill the bird singing it in five syllables or less.

30. Star
After the fall of the Syndicate and his new celebrity status, Hattori Heiji realized that there was something deeply satisfying about solving a mystery, basking in the glory and praises from girls who professed their undying love for him…and then coming home to an argument with his real beloved.

31. Home
Heiji had a very pleasant surprise waiting for him when he came back from his trip to Europe for that case—said surprise welcomed him home wearing nothing but a hair ribbon and a smile.

32. Confusion
When Kazuha got mad, Heiji rarely had any clue whatsoever as to what he’d done wrong.

33. Fear
Seeing Kazuha hanging there amidst the “spider’s web,” appearing for all the world as though she was dead…it struck a chord of horror in Heiji unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

34. Lightning/thunder
When they were children, Kazuha was afraid of storms and Heiji teased her about it enough that she resolved never to so much as fling when thunder rocked the sky; to this day he doesn’t know what prompted her to get over her fear.

35. Bonds
A childhood game led them to be bound by metal once; many years later they whispered promises to be bound by metal once again.

36. Market
Kazuha wasn’t about to admit it, but sometimes she made him go shopping with her because it was just funny to listen to him whine.

37. Technology
For all the modern technology in the world, Kazuha still held firmly to the idea that the omamori she made would keep Heiji safe from harm when he was out on cases.

38. Gift
For White Day, Heiji gave Kazuha gift certificates for things like One free argument, she was genuinely touched.

39. Smile
Even though she lost the deduction showdown in the end, it was still worth it to see that special smile on Heiji’s face—the one he only got when he had cracked the case.

40. Innocence
The further Heiji got into the Black Organization case, the more he understood why Kudo hid from Neechan; he resolved to keep Kazuha out of it at all costs.

41. Completion
Heiji and Kazuha had been together their whole lives thus far, and most people were sure that they would reach the end of their lives together as well; the only ones not sure were Heiji and Kazuha themselves.

42. Clouds
How interesting, Kazuha pointed out—that dark gray rain cloud was exactly the shape of Heiji’s bumpy head and the color of his usual temperament.

43. Sky
Heiji really didn’t mind it when she laid her head on his shoulder during the flight back to Osaka.

44. Heaven
Heiji said he wanted to give her his last words to treasure in heaven, but once they were safe he had to cover for it very quickly—so he insulted her instead.

45. Hell
If anyone were to lay so much as a finger on Kazuha, Heiji would personally make sure that they experienced a living hell and a world of hurt.

46. Sun
As they watched the sunset, he found himself pulling the ribbon from her ponytail and touching her hair; she did not protest at all.

47. Moon
There was something ethereal about the way the silvery moonlight reflected on her pale skin as she and Heiji lay entangled in his bed.

48. Waves
Kazuha couldn’t figure out why Heiji thought it was fun to try and guess girls’ bathing suits at the beach.

49. Hair
She was a little flustered when Heiji told her that she should wear her hair down more often.

50. Supernova
They were both very passionate people, and it was the most evident at times like this; they melded together, moving up to a white-hot climax before sinking, satisfied, into each other’s arms.

PS. So I did this as a writing exercise, to try and spark some new ideas (mostly for fanfic100)...and I wound up doing just that. But I thought some of you might like to see it. Some of these might wind up being longer fics some day. Yay for brainstorming!

There will be four more sets in this, featuring a total of five different pairings. Hope you'll check in for those as well. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

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