Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Married Under Separate Roofs (1sentence: Eri/Kogoro)

Fandom: Detective Conan
Pairing: Kisaki Eri/Mouri Kogoro
Theme set: Beta
Rating: G to PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own it! Gosho Aoyama does!

1. Walking
Their first “date” was when he caught up to her one day on the walk home from school; they were eight years old.

2. Waltz
Kogoro couldn’t dance, but he tried because she asked him to.

3. Wishes
If wishes came true, Eri would come home.

4. Wonder
Looking back on everything, Eri really had to wonder exactly where it all went wrong.

5. Worry
Eri stopped him at the door as he was heading out to a case; she straightened his tie and warned him to be careful.

6. Whimsy
Kogoro wasn’t very good at spur-of-the-moment things or surprises; something always went wrong.

7. Waste/Wasteland
The first time she found him in such a state, Eri hoped it would also be the last time he wound up that wasted.

8. Whiskey and rum
She blamed a lot on the fact that he didn’t know when to put the can or bottle down.

9. War
It got to a point where there was no telling what would set off an argument between them.

10. Weddings
Eri was strong and confident and not easily flustered; still, when she saw his expression as she walked down the aisle, she felt herself blush.

11. Birthday
Despite the separation, she was annoyed that Kogoro would forget…until she opened her mailbox and saw a card-sized envelope with her name on it in familiar handwriting.

12. Blessing
When Eri told him she was pregnant, Kogoro couldn’t decide if he was elated or terrified.

13. Bias
Though he would flirt with almost anything young, breasted, and breathing, Kogoro knew that deep down he would always be very partial to the cool, elegant beauty of his estranged wife.

14. Burning
Whenever she showed him up, Kogoro’s temper would smolder for hours afterwards.

15. Breathing
Eri wondered if they could ultimately reconcile, but when he did something stupid she would tell herself not to hold her breath.

16. Breaking
He didn’t dare show her how much it really hurt when she left, even though he wanted to just fall apart.

17. Belief
Kogoro couldn’t quite seem to convince Ran that no, her mother wasn’t coming home.

18. Balloon
On the day they took Ran to a fair, Kogoro wound up holding her balloon for her; Eri had to laugh at the sight of him holding a bright pink bunny balloon.

19. Balcony
Eri watched from the hotel balcony, smiling, as Kogoro ran after a scarf she had accidentally lost to the wind.

20. Bane
Kogoro couldn’t decide if she was the bane of his life…or if it was more the idea of losing her forever.

21. Quiet
In the instant before Kogoro pulled the trigger to save her life, everything around him went silent.

22. Quirks
Eri was surprised that he could miss the glaringly obvious, but notice that she always set her glasses on the nightstand in a certain way.

23. Question
Kogoro asked her point-blank if they still had a chance; she wanted to say yes.

24. Quarrel
As time went on the arguments grew more and more frequent.

25. Quitting
Getting in the car and driving away from both of them was one of the hardest things Eri had ever done, but she refused to be deterred.

26. Jump
When he came home from a case involving a serial killer, Eri immediately rushed to the door to make sure he was really all right.

27. Jester
When Kogoro got drunk, he thought he was funny; Eri though otherwise.

28. Jousting
They both regretted many of the verbal lances they hurled at each other, but both were too proud to admit it or apologize.

29. Jewel
Eri was stunned when her estranged husband handed her the wedding ring she had lost in the sand.

30. Just
Her reasons were all fair, and no one would blame her if she finally did it, but the truth was that the idea of a divorce made Eri go cold inside.

31. Smirk
Kogoro was planning something; his smug smile gave that much away.

32. Sorrow
Sooner or later, one or both of them needed to apologize; it was a matter of who broke first.

33. Stupidity
Kogoro might not have been the smartest creature in the world, but she knew he still loved her.

34. Serenade
When they were dating, Eri talked Kogoro into going to a symphony concert; she didn’t let herself get too surprised when he dozed off in the middle of the third piece.

35. Sarcasm
When it came to biting wit, Eri really had him beat.

36. Sordid
Their story was a simple tale of childhood friends who grew into high school sweethearts; there were no really juicy details until after they were married, when the arguments started.

37. Soliloquy
Sitting in the waiting room, waiting to find out what the serial killer had poisoned Eri with, Kogoro found himself wondering, “What if…?”

38. Sojourn
They both quietly hoped that the separation would be temporary, but time just kept ticking by.

39. Share
It was always difficult to get Kogoro to just say what was on his mind.

40. Solitary
As she drove away, Kogoro went into the bedroom—what had been their bedroom only the day before—and just sat there alone behind the closed door.

41. Nowhere
Out on a highway in the middle of nowhere was NOT a good place to run out of gas; still, they had a good laugh about it…after Kogoro had trudged back with a gas can.

42. Neutral
Ran usually refused to take sides where her parents were concerned, but even she had to admit that her father could be a real idiot sometimes.

43. Nuance
Every once in a while he did notice things—he realized that her wedding ring was gone by how she flaunted her left hand.

44. Near
Sometimes it seemed like they were miles apart, even though they were under the same roof.

45. Natural
It wasn’t normal to be separated for over a decade and not divorce, but neither truly wanted it to be over.

46. Horizon
The morning after their wedding night had a particularly beautiful sunrise, Eri privately thought.

47. Valiant
It took a lot of courage to shoot the woman he loved, but Kogoro did it to save her life.

48. Virtuous
Eri wasn’t perfect, but during all the years of their separation she never strayed—not once.

49. Victory
Getting Kogoro to admit that he wanted her back wasn’t easy, but it was strangely wonderful to hear him actually say the words.

50. Defeat
No matter how often it felt like “One step forward, two steps back,” neither gave up; if they did, it meant that they were truly finished, and neither of them really wanted that to happen.

PS. A few of these (21, 37, and 47) are references to the second movie, which has some serious Eri/Kogoro love. Heck, these two need a lot more love, period! And I’m sort of happy because the reason I did these 1sentence things was as a writing exercise to try and think of some new ideas, and it WORKED. YAY!

Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: character: eri, character: kogoro, fic: 1sentence, misc: theme comm
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