Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Star-Crossed, and Then Some (1sentence: Shinichi/Ran)

Fandom: Detective Conan
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi/Mouri Ran
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: G to PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own it! Gosho Aoyama does!

1. Ring
When her cell phone rang, Ran was thrilled to see Shinichi’s number on her caller ID screen.

2. Hero
After Shinichi got hurt during a case, Ran treated him to a lecture about the dangers of playing hero while the doctor bandaged him up.

3. Memory
Sometimes she wondered if he was ever coming back to her; sometimes she believed that she was going to be left alone with only remembrances.

4. Box
Ran certainly wasn’t snooping around for a little white jeweler’s box—what gave him that idea?

5. Run
The minute the antidote did its work…Shinichi fell over from dizziness; then he got up and sprinted all the way to her doorstep.

6. Hurricane
Ran’s temper, when properly provoked, had the force of a tropical storm and all the subtlty of a charging rhino, but Shinichi loved her in spite of the occasional bruise.

7. Wings
Someday, he promised, I’ll come back—and then I’ll take you to the stars.

8. Cold
It seemed like Shinichi was always getting sick, but if he was stuck in bed with a fever, then at least Ran knew exactly where he was.

9. Red
Ran couldn’t bear to cut the red wire on the bomb because it looked too much like a red thread…

10. Drink
Their wine glasses met with a soft ding as they shared a toast to celebrate the diamond on Ran’s finger.

11. Midnight
While everyone else cheered “Happy New Year” at the stroke of midnight, Shinichi found himself preoccupied with the lips pressing firmly against his.

12. Temptation
After being apart for so long and finally being together again, the temptation to throw caution and reason to the four winds was almost overwhelming.

13. View
As Conan, Shinichi learned very quickly to be careful when looking up at Ran while she was wearing a skirt.

14. Music
Although she knew how much he idolized Sherlock Holmes, Ran twitched when Shinichi mentioned the idea of a violin.

15. Silk
If her hair was this soft, Shinichi could only imagine what the rest of her felt like.

16. Cover
He pulled the blankets up around her bare shoulders, taking care not to disturb her as she slept.

17. Promise
When he said he would come back, she made him say the words “I promise” because he had never broken a promise to her before.

18. Dream
The first time they kissed, Shinichi realized that his dreams couldn’t even begin to do the moment justice.

19. Candle
Her skin seemed to glow in the candelight as she moved beneath his hands.

20. Talent
Ran was about to deck him until he explained that when he said he was “proud of his talent,” he was talking about soccer.

21. Silence
Tangled in each other’s arms, they didn’t need any words at all.

22. Journey
It had been one hell of a road to get back to her…but in hindsight, after all was said and done, Shinichi really couldn’t say that he wouldn’t do it again.

23. Fire
It was the little things that reminded him why he loved her as much as he did, like when she tethered them from a fire hose and jumped from the top of a skyscraper so they could have a chance of escaping the burning building.

24. Strength
When the nightmares came, all she could do was hold his hand and hope that she was strong enough for both of them.

25. Mask
Ran pulled off Conan’s glasses and was finally able to see Shinichi in those blue eyes.

26. Ice
When he told her he was coming home late because of a case, her response was as warm as a glacier.

27. Fall
Without her, he would have fallen into the abyss long before.

28. Forgotten
Shinichi somehow managed to call just as she was starting to wonder if he had forgotten her.

29. Dance
She asked when he was coming home, and he evaded the question as best he could; every single time he called, they did the dance, and it always left them both tired and unhappy.

30. Body
When he came home and found her waiting for him in something short, lacy, and red, Shinichi suddenly forgot that he was tired.

31. Sacred
Agreeing to love, honor, and cherish was by far the easiest vow either of them had ever made.

32. Farewells
Watching him run off into the darkness behind Tropical Land, Ran had the horrible feeling that this might be goodbye for real.

33. World
Ran told Shinichi that she wanted to see the world with him; he kept that in mind when the time came to start planning their honeymoon.

34. Formal
She looked good in everything, from the fancy to the everyday, but Shinichi honestly thought she looked best in jeans and a T-shirt—preferrably one of his T-shirts.

35. Fever
Shinichi managed to find a certain spot on Ran’s neck that, when kissed, made her feel warm all over.

36. Laugh
Ran had to bite back her laughter at the sight of the cake because she knew how hard Shinichi had worked to make it for her birthday.

37. Lies
Of all the ways for Ran to find out the truth…of all the places where it could have happened…she wished it could have been anywhere other than in the waiting room outside the Intensive Care Unit.

38. Forever
Conan looked strangely torn between happiness and despair when Ran told him that she would wait forever if that was how long it took for Shinichi to come back to her.

39. Overwhelmed
The whole story behind Conan was overwhelming, but Ran was determined to hear the whole truth about what had happened to Shinichi before she started making any decisions.

40. Whisper
Their hushed promises at the altar gave way to not-so-hushed affirmations of their love once they were safely in their hotel room.

41. Wait
When he got to their meeting spot two hours late, he was amazed that Ran was not only still there, but she said she had been worried about him.

42. Talk
After everything went down, Shinichi took her hand and led her away from everyone else; she deserved the first explanation.

43. Search
After finding her Christmas present on the stairs, Ran went through the entire house looking for Shinichi; meanwhile, Conan ran around and hid.

44. Hope
Finally being able to hold her proved to him once and for all that faith wasn’t blind.

45. Eclipse
His desire to keep her safe overshadowed how lonely they both were, and so he kept the truth from her.

46. Gravity
Newton’s law says that an object in motion will stay in motion until an outside force acts upon it; ergo, Ran kept running until Shinichi’s arms were there to stop her.

47. Highway
First Ran laughed at the look on Shinichi’s face; then she helped him change the tire.

48. Unknown
This was definitely new territory for both of them, but as he pressed her back against the bed, she decided that they would learn together.

49. Lock
“Ran, I swear the handcuffs are for work!”

50. Breathe
Okay, Shinichi—stop being a coward, take a deep breath, and pop the question already!

Tags: character: ran, character: shinichi/conan, fic: 1sentence, misc: theme comm

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