Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Mop Chases are Foreplay (1sentence: Kaito/Aoko)

Fandom: Detective Conan
Pairing: Kuroba Kaito/Nakamori Aoko
Theme set: Delta
Rating: G to PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own it! Gosho Aoyama does!

1. Air
As the thief began to fly away, he threw a white rose down to a certain Inspector’s irate daughter.

2. Apples
While Aoko was up in a tree, picking apples, Kaito joked about how next time she should do it in a skirt; she threw a piece of fruit at him.

3. Beginning
When Kaito approached the lonely-looking little girl at the clock tower that day, he never dreamed that it would mark the beginning of something far bigger.

4. Bugs
Aoko asked Kaito why he annoyed her all the time, and he said she was pretty when she angry; she took a swing at him on principle.

5. Coffee
For all his usual energy and pranks, Aoko had to laugh at how deflated Kaito was when he didn’t get his morning shot of caffeine.

6. Dark
They fumbled for each other in the darkness, pulling at clothes; his cape, jacket, and monocle were the first to drop to the floor as they moved towards the bed.

7. Despair
It hurt Kaito to keep such a secret from her, but it was the best for everyone; nevertheless, he couldn’t help but wonder if the air would ever completely clear between them again.

8. Doors
There were things about Kaito that Aoko didn’t totally understand, but a part of her was afraid to open the door and see the whole truth.

9. Drink
Kaito remembered the night she found out and the resulting argument; when he thought about it, he had an overwhelming urge to reach for the whiskey.

10. Duty
The whole thing was a conflict of duties to their fathers—his as the son of the world’s greatest thief, and hers as the daughter of the police inspector assigned to catch the world’s greatest thief.

11. Earth
Aoko decided that there was something to be said for being out in the country, away from civilization and prying eyes; she came to this conclusion when, in the midst of their picnic, Kaito suddenly pressed her down against the earth and kissed her.

12. End
The same night Kaitou Kid announced his retirement and the end of his career as a thief, Kaito asked Aoko a very special question.

13. Fall
As he tumbled out of the sky, falling towards the dark water, he could only think of Aoko’s face.

14. Fire
Aoko once confided that she worried about being ladylike enough for him; he kissed her and told her that he liked her just as she was, fiery temper and all.

15. Flexible
Kaito was flexible in both mind and body; some of his more creative ideas translated into physical acts that she had never dreamed possible, but never failed to make her a very happy woman.

16. Flying
One day, Kaito wanted to show her exactly what it felt like to defy gravity.

17. Food
She had blushed like mad when he suggested it, but having tried it, Aoko had to admit that the whipped cream was a VERY good idea.

18. Foot
Being pregnant really wasn’t so bad, Aoko had decided; she was glowing, she could eat whatever she wanted, and Kaito was an absolute saint about taking care of things, including massaging her swollen ankles.

19. Grave
The first person Kaito told about his feelings for Aoko was his father; spirits and engraved stones wouldn’t tell anyone.

20. Green
Kaito thought Aoko looked lovely in any color—there was a certain shade of green that really made her eyes pop—but overall, he privately thought she should always wear blue.

21. Head
His brain said that to love Aoko was a risk; his heart refused to be swayed.

22. Hollow
When she found out the truth, Kaito felt something inside him ring painfully empty, but when she told him that she forgave him, that space filled up to overflowing.

23. Honor
When Aoko blushed and recited her vows to love, honor, and cherish, Kaito really wished they could skip right to the part where he got to kiss the bride.

24. Hope
Aoko could only hope that someday Kaito would let her see him without masks.

25. Light
Kaito and Aoko moved against each other, feeling skin against skin, until they reached the peak in a flash of white light before collapsing, trembling, against each other.

26. Lost
When Kaito told her he was Kid, she looked a lost heartbroken little girl.

27. Metal
“Kaito,” Aoko raised an eyebrow, “explain to me one more time what you’re planning with those handcuffs?”

28. New
Seeing Aoko in the hospital bed with their newborn daughter cradled against her chest was the most proud, fulfilling moment of Kaito’s life.

29. Old
Their friendship was over a decade old, but Kaito and Aoko’s romantic relationship was only beginning to blossom and develop, taking things into an entirely new realm.

30. Peace
Kaito made his peace with his choices; he could only hope that when it came to it, Aoko would be able to do the same and forgive him.

31. Poison
His kisses were like a drug, creeping through her veins and pulling her further into the tangled web and maze that was Kaito.

32. Pretty
It baffled Kaito when Aoko told him that she didn’t think of herself as attractive.

33. Rain
He stood beside her in the rain and held the umbrella over her head while Aoko stood on the sidewalk and wept about his betrayal; somehow, that simple act was a small comfort.

34. Regret
Even as he sat in prison, Kaito’s only regret was that he’d had to lie to her.

35. Roses
Kaito’s signature trick was to make roses appear—he did it when they met, when he proposed, and as they settled into bed on their wedding night; Aoko wondered if he knew that she’d kept them.

36. Secret
Aoko’s secret was simply that she loved him; Kaito’s was far bigger and more complex.

37. Snakes
As Snake leveled his gun at Aoko, Kaito realized that if she was hurt—or worse—he would lose control, and that man—that monster—might not survive it.

38. Snow
Aoko made an offhand comment about wanting to be kissed outside while it was snowing; she was pleasantly surprised that winter when Kaito remembered.

39. Solid
His arms always felt so warm and strong around her.

40. Spring
As she swung her trusty mop at him and watched him leap out of the way, Aoko wondered if Kaito had a coiled spring inside him in place of a spine.

41. Stable
During a visit to a farm owned by a family friend, Kaito pulled Aoko out to the barn for a literal “roll in the hay.”

42. Strange
Aoko couldn’t figure out why she didn’t hate Kaito for lying to her.

43. Summer
Sprawled on Kaito’s roof for stargazing (with his arm under her head for a pillow) was the perfect way to spend a summer evening.

44. Taboo
Kaito was Kid, and so he was off-limits; Aoko still found herself drawn to him, the lure of the forbidden and the dangerous mixed with the familiarity of her lifelong best friend.

45. Ugly
It took Kaito a while to convince Aoko that, no, she didn’t look hideous during lovemaking—quite the opposite, really; still, it explained why she never wanted to be on top.

46. War
His feelings for Aoko battled against the promise he had made to his father, with no clear victor in sight.

47. Water
The first time they showered together (following their first night together), Aoko was a little bit flustered when Kaito asked if he could wash her hair.

48. Welcome
Kaito hadn’t actually knocked on Aoko’s front door in years; he usually just walked in.

49. Winter
When Aoko woke up on Christmas morning and found that snow had fallen—only on her house and yard, nowhere else—she wondered how in the world Kaito had managed to give her a white Christmas.

50. Wood
While they were out in the forest for a picnic, Aoko found that Kaito had something very important to tell her.

Tags: character: aoko, character: kaito/kaitou kid, fic: 1sentence, misc: theme comm

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