Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Regressing (Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden)

Title: Regressing
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden: The third installment of the Fushigi Yuugi anime. Taka returns to the book one more time to save a girl and find out what the heck happened to Miaka’s baby. It sort of vanished. From inside her.
Wordcount: 602
Taunt: My fandom has…well, really crappy CGI.

It was happening again.

Chiriko was studying some documents from his father’s expansive library when his hand had slipped. He had pitched forward, smacking his chin soundly on the desk.

Logic and intellect dictated that he should shake it off, continue on with his research, and ignore the throbbing pain in his jaw. But his mental facilities gave way as a baby’s scream forced its way up and out of his throat.

For the next several minutes, he had to be tended by his nursemaids, who comforted him until the tantrum subsided. When he regained control of himself, he apologized to them (despite their assurances that it was not necessary) and was returned to his work.

But now he was distracted. These episodes were becoming more and more frequent, these moments when he would revert back to the infant he physically was. And the change was beginning to happen mentally as well. Memories were growing dimmer, fuzzier, fading deeper into the darkest recesses of his mind. It wouldn’t be too much longer before all of his memories were locked away in that corner where he could no longer reach them.

When that happened, he would no longer be Chiriko. He would be no different from any other babe.

Truthfully, in many ways he was already in that state. He was physically helpless; there were precious few things he could do entirely on his own. He required assistance with even the most basic of tasks. The only thing that set him apart was his mind, the intellect that made him a warrior for Suzaku, chosen and blessed by the god himself.

And that mind was leaving him.

He knew there were memories he had lost already, a great number of them. He remembered that the memories had been there, but he could not recall specifically what those memories had been. It was frightening—even as his former self, he had been very young. Born to wealth and privilege in both lives, he had not seen some of the things his fellow warriors had witnessed. Youth…it did not betray him, per se, but it had left him ill-equipped to handle a few things.

Still, he had died bravely. Dying to save his comrades from the enemy that had taken control of his very body. Stabbing himself to drive the villain out, and dying long before what should have been his time. He had done it willingly, though not entirely without fear.

There was no shame in fear, really—particularly given his circumstances. He was losing his mind, his memories, his very self, and the impending loss was overwhelming.

How had the others felt? Mitsukake, Nuriko, Hotohori…they had died, and would have been reborn by now. Upon their births, they would have retained their memories. But depending on how old they were now, they might very well be normal children, unaware that they carried powers bestowed by a god. Had they been afraid as their memories left them? Had they been frightened as their true past grew fainter and fainter before vanishing into nothingness?

One very tiny hand clenched on the desk. He needed to focus.

A short while later, a nursemaid entered the library. “You have visitors!” she said excitedly. “Three men—they’re of Suzaku!”

So they had come. “Take me to them,” he said shortly, already knowing exactly who the three were. She bowed and gathered him up immediately, taking him to the door.

As they headed outside to see the friends of his past life, Chiriko couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at all of it. I wonder if they’ll recognize me…

PS. I felt really sorry for Chiriko at this point. That’s a rough deal. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: 100fandomhell, character: chiriko, fandom: fushigi yuugi, misc: one-shot

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