Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Enough (Mythbusters)

Title: Enough
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: Mythbusters: Two guys tackle some crazy urban myths, trying to prove or disprove them. Things tend to be destroyed. Or blow up. EXPLOSIONS ABOUND!
Wordcount: 269
Taunt: My fandom has secrets on fandomsecrets. Therefore, it is a fandom.
Note: No RPS here. I’m still clinging to my last delusion of credibility.

Okay, guys, listen up. We have to talk. Enough is enough, and I am done taking all this abuse quietly. Crash-test dummies have feelings too, ya know. And I feel that this is absolutely ridiculous!

Do you know what you guys put me through? DO YOU? I’ll enlighten you on a few things.

You guys have set me on fire, dropped me from VERY high places, dropped a barrel of bricks on me, knocked me out of a chair, shot me in the leg (although you didn’t use my real leg—I’m not completely ungrateful for small favors), dropped me in a makeshift airplane, tossed me into water from a crane with a freakin’ hammer in front of me, tossed me from a catapult…

Then you rebuilt me, all good as new. I felt pretty good about that. I really did. Was a little more muscular than I was before—which is all right by me. I’m not at all opposed to getting in shape.

And then you christen my awesome new body by putting me in a car…raising that car up to the veeeeery top of a crane…and dropping it. Does anyone else see the problem here? And I don’t even know what else. I’ve lost track of everything. Might be the head injuries.

I’ve had broken bones, burned flesh, various mutilations, more injuries than I can even count. My own mother wouldn’t recognize me, my face is such a mess…and now you’re talking about exploding PANTS?

Enough is enough!

Put me down!

No, Tory, no one ordered any exploding pants!

…why does no one listen to me?

PS. *opens mouth* *stares at Buster-centric fic for a moment* *closes mouth and slinks away in shame*

Tags: 100fandomhell, character: buster, fandom: mythbusters, misc: one-shot

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