Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

The Protector (Aladdin)

Title: The Protector
Author: Candyland
Fandom: Aladdin: A street-rat finds adventure, a genie, and true love…more or less in that order.
Wordcount: 603
Taunt: My fandom has Robin Williams and occasionally Dan Castallaneta.

At the moment when the sands of time themselves began to fall through their great hourglass, an immense power stirred. A god, the possessor of a grand treasure, sought a place to hide his fortune. He—for it was old enough to have no name—wished to keep it safe from the other gods and from prying humans. It needed to be hidden in a place where it could be guarded.

One clear night, He went down to the human world. The sands were blown about in the wild desert winds, with no obstacles to block its flight. It was all but deserted, save for some nomads in the far distance. In short, it was the perfect place for what He was intending to do.

Calling all of His power, He summoned forth a great cave from the very sand and rock. On a whim, he carved the cave into the shape of a monstrous lion, whose gaping mouth led down to the cave. A symbol of great power to protect something of great value. He place the fortune of gold and jewels within the cave, selecting a place of honor—a stone pedestal atop a stone staircase—for the greatest artifact in the collection: the lamp.

Still, He was a wise being, and he realized that there were still those who would seek the treasure. He also realized that there would come a time when the power of the lamp would be needed. When that time came, humans would need access to the cave. But how to ensure that it would not fall into the wrong hands before the appointed time…

He came upon an idea, and gave the cave life.

It took a moment. Then the great stone jaws began to move up and down; the granite brows furrowed and relaxed as inanimate began to adjust to being animated.

He had no fear that the cave would not know its purpose. That was part of the magic by which he had given it the powers of movement and intelligence. The wondrous cave would stand as protector, only allowing a certain type of human beyond the entry.

But to enter the cave, one would need to find it, and He had no wish for it to be readily available. Thus, He decided that a key was necessary. He reached into the vast stores of his treasure and selected a small scarab, cast in gold, to play that part. It, too, was enchanted and given life before being split into two halves, like the two shining embers of a tiger’s golden eyes.

The two halves were placed at opposite ends of the realm, and the massive tiger’s head withdrew into the shifting desert stands to wait for the millennia to pass until it came time to serve its truest purpose. When the scarab was again united as one piece, it would lead to the cave and open the doorway. The right person could then enter and retrieve the lamp, the one treasure the god was willing to part with for the sake of humanity; the rest of the treasure was forbidden.

Not long after, stories began to circulate.

A group of nomads who had camped in the desert for the night spoke of seeing something magnificent in the desert. The tales told of a treasure buried beneath the sands, and spoke of a great Cave of Wonders that was the protector of a vast fortune. But, the stories warned, this place could not be entered by just anyone. It could only be accessed by a very special person.

A diamond in the rough.

PS. Has anyone else noticed that I really have a thing for the most secondary of characters? XD Oh well. This was a fun, interesting bit to write. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: 100fandomhell, fandom: aladdin, misc: one-shot

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