Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Working Some Magic (DC/MK)

Title: Working Some Magic
Day/Theme: March 3: ”Your heaving chest.” (For 31_days)
Series: Detective Conan, property of Gosho Aoyama.
Character/Pairing: Kid/Shinichi

“What do you mean the door’s stuck?”

“…well, meitantei, I think it’s safe to assume that when I say the door is stuck, I am referring to the fact that it will not open,” Kid said dryly, trying the knob again. Still nothing.

When he turned back, he found the pouting detective sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, glaring angrily at his rival and currently partner-in-imprisonment. Apparently Kid’s jibe about the door had not sat well with Kudo Shinichi.

“Nothing to do but wait,” Kid took a seat against a different wall. Best for there to be a little distance.

After a long moment of silence, Shinichi shifted uncomfortably. “Why is it so hot in here?” he asked tugging at the collar of his shirt to loosen his ever-present tie. Didn’t the detective know how to dress casually? He was almost as bad as Hakuba in that respect.

“I studied the blueprints of this building. And I can tell you that the boiler room is on the other side of that wall,” Kid replied, pointing towards one of the walls. “That would account for the temperature.” He hesitated, then imitated Kudo’s action and loosened his own tie. It wouldn’t do him any good to look pristine if he was unconscious because of heat.

After a while, Kudo shed his suit coat, and Kid caved further by undoing a few buttons on his own shirt, though he wasn’t sure he dared go much further than that in case he had to run in a hurry. Moments later, Kudo undid half the buttons on his own shirt.

His white shirt, currently semi-transparent because the detective was sweating. And now he was flashing a fair expanse of chest in addition to the thin fabric clinging to the decidedly lithe physique.

Kaitou Kid swallowed hard and tried to tear his eyes away from the admittedly handsome detective, but he had no luck. Maybe he should try the doorknob again…


Dammit, Kid just needed to stop thinking.

When Kudo shifted again, he saw his opening. “Ne, Kudo, there’s something stuck to your back…” he said, rocking forward to crawl across the floor towards his nemesis. He reached around the detective, inadvertently pressing right up against him in the process. When he felt Kudo tense and shiver, he grinned. Maybe…just maybe…

“Well?” Kudo asked, voice rising slightly with nerves.

“Just a piece of tape,” the thief said, showing him the piece of slightly-damp masking tape that had somehow stuck itself to the back of Kudo’s sweat-soaked dress shirt. But rather than pull back, Kid pressed against Kudo again, this time intentionally.

“What’re you—oooh…” the protest faded into a low moan as Kid began to lap at Shinichi’s neck. It didn’t seem to take much; apparently the detective was quite sensitive. It intensified as gloved hands slid over bare skin, undoing the last few buttons and pushing the open shirt aside. One thumb dragged over one of his nipples, sending a shudder through Shinichi as it hardened.

Kudo himself seemed torn between pressing himself back against the wall in some sort of an escape attempt, or moving into touches that were increasingly confident…and moving increasingly lower.

Deciding that it wasn’t worth the wait, as there already seemed to be a decent response, Kid undid the button on Kudo’s pants and unzipped them with one hand. This drew a whimper from Kudo, but whether it was a protest or encouragement, Kid wasn’t sure. But there was one easy way to find out.

Gloved fingers wrapped around Shinichi’s erection and began to stroke him slowly.

Kudo’s hips jerked involuntarily and he yelped. Kid felt himself smirk and tightened his hold, pulling at him harder and faster. Meanwhile, he went to work in other areas. He discovered quickly that Shinichi had very sensitive ears, particularly when they were tugged on with very gentle teeth.

For his part, Kudo thrashed and mewled and whimpered and clung desperately to Kid’s head and arms desperately, moving into the handjob.

Satisfied with his handiwork thus far, Kid slowed his motions and leaned back to study the detective. Kudo was flushed, his eyes glassy and half-open, and his breath came in little whimpering gasps. He was beautiful. Coupled with the decidedly positive response, it all added up to one big “HELL YES!”

He had another trick up his sleeve, but in order to perform that particular gem, one thing had to be taken care of first. A flick of the wrist produced one of his scarves, and he turned the detective around, pulling him to his knees and pressing him against the wall.

“W-what are you—“ Kudo gasped, which turned into a muffled cry of surprise when Kid wrapped the bright blue scarf around Shinichi’s eyes and tied it behind his head, blindfolding him. “Wait—“

Kid effectively silenced further protests by wrapping his hand around the detective’s hard length. “Patience, meitantei. Can’t have you seeing my face, can I?” To further the point, he began to pump Kudo’s erection up and down firmly once again, drawing another cry from the defeated detective. “Good boy…” He turned Kudo around again and pressed him back against the wall.

He did pause a moment to just admire the view. And then he had another thought. “Ah, but how do I know you won’t remove the blindfold? Perhaps I need to—“

“No…” Shinichi half-moaned. “I won’t. I promise…” His face flushed even redder.

Kid smiled. The boy was honestly too much fun to tease. Although the thought of having the detective completely at his mercy was a decidedly enticing one. Perhaps something to be considered for another day…although when he’d had Kudo turned around, he had noticed his hand against the wall. Smooth hands, graceful fingers…

Might have to put those to good use. Still, there was time.

He slid down to his stomach and waited just long enough for Kudo to start whimpering and fidgeting again. Then he went for the prize and very slowly dragged his tongue up Kudo’s erection, earning an appropriate response from his now-very willing partner.

For the next several minutes, he licked and sucked and swallowed, listening to the mewls and enjoying them immensely. On a whim, he started humming a favorite song—everyone liked B’z, right?—and the verbal response was incredible. Still, he took his time. No hurry. Even when Kudo knocked his hat off (the reason for the blindfold) to tangle wanting fingers in his hair.

It wasn’t until after he had reduced the detective to a wibbling, keening, begging mess that he redoubled his efforts and gave Kudo what he wanted. The sounds Shinichi made as he came violently were a definite turn-on.

Licking his lips and looking as pleased as a cat in a creamery, Kid leaned over the semi-comatose detective. His own pants had been feeling quite tight for a while now. And he was fairly sure that Kudo would be willing to repay the favor—he seemed like the fair sort.

Time to work some magic.


When Shinichi opened his eyes, he realized that it was daylight. There was sunlight on his face. He was at home, safely tucked into his own bed.

Then he realized that he was sore as hell, still in his clothes from the night before, and his mouth tasted dry and salty. And he couldn’t shake the idea that he’d had one hell of a crazy dream…something to do with the Kid heist the night before…

How had he gotten home, anyway?

Confused and disoriented, he sat up and put one hand to his forehead…and paused when he noticed a small piece of paper pinned to the front of his shirt. Yawning, he unpinned it and took a look.

Much obliged, Shinichi. See you next week?

Yours very truly,
Kaitou Kid *doodle*

Shinichi blinked…and decided that now was a good time to just go back to sleep.

PS. Written for clover_magic. Because I owed her something shiny. My very first attempt EVER at yaoi smut. And…gaaaaaaaaaah… @_@ T-thanks for reading~

Tags: character: kaito/kaitou kid, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, misc: one-shot

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