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The Apartment: Movie Night (Fanfic100)

Title: The Apartment: Movie Night
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Heiji/Kazuha (General series)
Prompt: #68—lightening
Word Count: 1220 words
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: I do not own Detective Conan. It all belongs to Gosho Aoyama. I simply borrow the characters, tie them up, and dance them around like life-sized puppets. I do wish they’d stop complaining.
Summary: We’ll watch both movies, but I won’t like yours. Heiji/Kazuha

Heiji glared at Kazuha.

Kazuha glared at Heiji.

“I am NOT watching some stupid chick-flick,” Heiji growled, gesturing towards the DVD box in Kazuha’s hand. On the cover was a man and a young girl in a hat, looking out towards the camera happily. The tagline said something about a life experience becoming a gift. “Not a chance in hell.”

“And I am not watching some dumb slasher movie,” Kazuha replied coolly, pointing to the DVD Heiji was holding. It featured a lot of dark colors, a picture of a chainsaw, and a girl screaming and just generally looking terrified. It had all the earmarks of a complete gore-fest. “This is why we don’t do movie nights very often.”

“Why, because you have no taste?” he asked, earning a look that could have killed small animals.

“All right, smartass, how about a compromise?” Kazuha said, folding her arms. “We’ll watch them both. Fair?”

He really couldn’t argue with that—it was the easiest way to do things. “Fine. We’ll watch both movies. But just so you know, I won’t like yours.” He could barely keep himself from grinning when she gave him an annoyed look, thwapped him soundly on the head and went in search of popcorn.


They watched Kazuha’s choice first—just to get it out of the way, as Heiji put it. She had rolled her eyes and given him another swat on the head…and told him that he wasn’t allowed to have any popcorn. He had, predictably, started to whine and pout. She had ignored him, something she was quite an expert at doing.

The movie itself was one that Kazuha had heard of and which had been recommended to her by a co-worker. She had heard all sorts of wonderful things about it, and wound up borrowing it from one of her friends. It had come with a warning of being a tear-jerker, a message that had caused Heiji to roll his eyes when related.

Kazuha spent much of the movie curled up with her pillow hugged to her chest, watching eagerly at each new development; Heiji sat beside her, silent and more or less ignored. It was, indeed, a wonderful movie, and she made a mental vow to buy her own copy of it after she returned this one. In the meantime, it might merit rewatching.

She was completely spellbound, and before she knew it the movie was almost over. And as the end of the movie drew near, the real heartbreaking moment came. She felt her eyes grow misty at it. How sad…if she wasn’t careful, she might start to—

Beside her, there was a loud nasal sound.

It was enough to startle Kazuha out of the spell the movie had woven around her, and she glanced at Heiji. Given how much he had protested this movie, she expected that the sound was him snoring, or perhaps jolting awake again, having slept through half the movie. She really hadn’t been paying much attention to him.

She was not expecting to see Heiji staring, wide-eyed, at the screen. His eyes were extremely damp, and there were the telltale marks of tear-tracks on his tanned cheeks. He sniffled, and it matched the sound that had drawn her attention in the first place.

“Heiji…” she said, leaning towards him, “…are you crying?”

He jumped and looked at her. “N-no!” he half-yelped, frantically wiping at his eyes with his sleeve. “Of course not, ahou! Why would I be crying? It’s just a dumb movie! I just got something in my eye, that’s all!” He was babbling and waving his hands frantically.

Kazuha stared at him for a moment…and offered him a tissue without a word. Heiji seemed to wilt as he took it. “Thank you…” he mumbled. He sniffled a few more times before the movie ended and the credits began to roll, but otherwise stayed unusually quiet.

“Well, what did you think?” she asked conversationally, getting up to change the DVDs.

“…it was okay,” he replied sullenly. But she knew that to be Heiji-speak for It was awesome, but I can’t admit that I was wrong. So she simply smiled and said nothing, putting his movie choice in the player.

The movie itself was fairly predictable—teenagers, bent on sex and other such pursuits, unleash an ancient supernatural evil that begins killing everyone in extremely grotesque, creative, and messy ways involving various sharp objects. Lots of fake blood was being thrown about, along with lots of gratuitous cleavage shots.

It didn’t take long for Kazuha to figure out exactly why Heiji wanted to watch this movie. But he had watched her choice, and so she was honor-bound to sit through this gore-fest with little complaint. No matter how awful it was.

As the movie wore on, she found herself clinging to her pillow and slowly bringing it further and further in front of her face, as though preparing to hide behind it in case of a major scare. She wasn’t a chicken or anything, but this genre of bad slasher film tended to throw in a lot of cheap scares and things to make the audience jump a mile, and for whatever reason, those things tended to get to her.

Unfortunately, this behavior did not go unnoticed. “It’s not that scary,” Heiji interjected.

“And the other movie was a chick-flick, hanky boy. Now shut up,” Kazuha replied, not taking her eyes from the movie. It was nearing the climax. The cleavage-heavy “teenage” heroine in the unbelievably low-cut tank top crept towards the door, not seeing the shadow looming behind her. There was the glint of a knife in the shadow’s hand. Kazuha unconsciously leaned forward…

There was a crack of lightning.

Both Heiji and Kazuha jumped off the couch and screamed.

And the power went out.

Including the television screen, where the knife had just been raised above the girl’s head.

They stood stone-still for a moment, both glancing around the darkness. Kazuha spoke first. “Well, I…ah…” she cleared her throat. “I think there are some candles in the kitchen, right?” She began to move slowly towards the room, hands groping out in front of her.

“Right,” he agreed. “I’ve got a flashlight in my nightstand…”

A moment later, there was a small amount of light in the apartment. Kazuha busied herself by putting a few candles in jars around the room while Heiji secured another flashlight from a kitchen cabinet. “Damn storm…” Heiji muttered. “Well, guess we’ll have to wait until the power comes back to see the end of the movie.”

Kazuha glanced at her cell phone. “It’s getting late anyway. We should head to bed.”



They stared at each other through the dim light. Both were undoubtedly thinking the same thing, but neither wanted to be the one to give voice to it. That would mean losing face in front of the other, and neither was willing to do that unless there was no other option. So they stood and just looked at each other…

There was a loud creak in the hallway outside their door.

Both turned and looked at their apartment door with wide eyes. Then, as one person and with one voice, they whipped back to each other and blurted out, “Can I sleep in your room tonight?”

PS. The movie I mentally had in mind for Kazuha’s choice was The Ultimate Gift. We watched that for movie day with my middle school students on the last day before Christmas break, and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I was also surprised at how many of the boys in my room were covering their faces to try and not show that they were crying—hence, Heiji’s reaction. Wonderful movie. Didn’t have a mental picture for Heiji’s choice.

Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: character: heiji, character: kazuha, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: fanfic100, fic: the apartment, misc: theme comm

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