Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

At the Wrong Moment (D.Gray-Man)

Title: At the Wrong Moment
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: D.Gray-Man: The Millenium Earl is trying to destroy the world. Meanwhile, special people wielding a substance called Innocence duke it out to save the world.
Wordcount: 475
Taunt: aishuu got me hooked on this fandom. The prat XD

It could have been one of the Organization's written commandments, right up there with “Thou shalt not hit on or traumatize Komui’s sister, lest thou be plunged into a world of eternal pain, suffering, and coffee deprivation at the hands of many, many sadistic robots.”


Unfortunately, Lavi had somehow missed the memo and suggested a game of cards. And he had managed to sucker Kanda into playing with them as well. How he had managed that was beyond anything Allen could comprehend. But here they were, cards in hand...

Needless to say, Allen was heartily wiping the floor with them.

And Lavi was beginning to regret that he had said anything. For at the beginning of the game, he had made a suggestion, half-jokingly...and now it was biting him squarely in his barely-clothed ass.

Somehow, he doubted he would ever live this down. But he was still doing better than Kanda--probably by simple virtue of the fact that he had been wearing more layers when the game started.

And Kanda's temper was starting to rise. Then again, he had no reason to be cheerful (not that Kanda knew how to be cheerful, but it was the principle of the thing). The man was sitting there in enough clothing to cover modesty.

...and Allen had just won another hand. He had also taken on that slightly-sadistic grin as a result, that smile he usually only wore when considering possibly doing something unkind to his old mentor.

Lavi sighed. Someday, he would learn to keep his mouth shut.

But it seemed that the third player in the game had simply had enough. With what amounted to a war-cry, the ever-stoic, ever-collected Kanda leapt at Allen, crashing into Lavi in the process, sending all three boys into a pile of tangled bodies and flailing limbs. "GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS!"

There was a sound at the door. All three boys froze and with a slowness that seemed to defy human capabilities, they turned to see the source of the noise.

Lenalee was standing there. One hand was on the doorknob, and the other was raised with a finger extended as though she were about to make a point of some sort. Her mouth was open, and it seemed that she had been frozen before she could get a word out, having realized belatedly that she seemed to have walked into the room at the wrong moment.

The scene stayed motionless for what seemed eons. Then, with that same physics-defying lack of speed, she stepped back out of the room, and started to close the door behind her.

At that point, Lavi shifted slightly out of sheer discomfort than anything else, and Kanda couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “GET YOUR HAND OFF MY—“


PS. The blame for this may be placed squarely at jeva_chan’s feet. She asked for it in the first place. The sequel (which I will NOT be writing) involves Komui coming after them for breaking the commandment mentioned at the very top of the fic. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: 100fandomhell, fandom: d.gray-man, misc: one-shot

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