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Hello! This is my archive page for the summerwrite challenge. Here is where I'll be keeping track of my word-count, as well as linking to everything I have written and posted for the challenge. It should be very interesting to watch everything tally up. It will be updated more or less daily. I hope you enjoy it!

Table of Contents

Total Word Count
Word Count by Month
Word Count by Week
Current Week
Writing Tunes
Completed Chapters and Posts


Hello, and welcome. My name is Candyland. I'm proving myself to be completely insane by attempting this little challenge called summerwrite. The goal is to write 150,000 words in four months, i.e. 123 days. This averages out to approximately 1220 words per day, minimum.

I am a fanfiction writer, and so my project(s) for the next several months are all fandom related. My main project is my Magic Knight Rayearth fic, Song of the Wind, but I am also working on various smaller projects to break up the monotony and keep myself from getting bored. It should be a fun, interesting few months!

Total Word Count

Zokutou word meter
150,041 / 150,000

Word Count by Month

MAY: 55,174
JUNE: 52,234
JULY: 13,644
AUGUST: 28,989

Word Count by Week

Week 01: 15,804
Week 02: 12,626
Week 03: 12,151
Week 04: 9,710
Week 05: 6,676
Week 06: 5,538
Week 07: 12,791
Week 08: 13,082
Week 09: 19,030
Week 10: 4,315
Week 11: 2,131
Week 12: 2,573
Week 13: 2,411
Week 14: 4,378
Week 15: 6,155
Week 16: 15,815
Week 17: 4,855

Current Week

Week 17: August 21 - August 27

Day 113: 0
Day 114: 0
Day 115: 4855
Day 116: ####
Day 117: ####
Day 118: ####
Day 119: ####

Writing Tunes

~ "So Close" from Enchanted
~ "Weeping" by Josh Groban
~ "Shape of My Heart" by Sting

Completed Chapters and Posts

Ace Attorney
~ Crushed (Apollo Justice)
~ Improbability (Phoenix Wright)
~ Lost and Found (Apollo Justice)
~ Mastermind (Phoenix Wright)
~ Nick Name (Phoenix Wright)
~ Shocking (Phoenix Wright)
~ Small Mercies (Phoenix Wright)
~ Sore Loser (Phoenix Wright)
~ Target in Sight (Apollo Justice)
~ What's Past is Prologue (Apollo Justice)

Professor Layton
~ Addiction (Professor Layton)
~ Breaked (Professor Layton)
~ Coming Home (Professor Layton)
~ Competition (Professor Layton)
~ Getting an Early Start (Professor Layton)
~ Hazy (Professor Layton)
~ Identical (Professor Layton)
~ Of Greatest Urgency (Professor Layton)
~ Public Spectacle (Professor Layton)
~ Starve a Cold, Feed a Fever (Professor Layton)
~ Stolen (Professor Layton)
~ Tall's Well that Ends Well (Professor Layton)
~ Teenaged Traumas (Professor Layton)
~ The Truth Comes Out (Professor Layton)
~ Two Left Feet (Professor Layton)
~ Unlike Any Other (Professor Layton)

Miscellaneous One-shots
~ 30 Evil Deeds: The True Enemy (Detective Conan)
~ In His Own Defense (Phoenix Wright/Magic Kaito)
~ Another Day, Another Defendant (Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton)

Detective Conan for fanfic100
71: Confession
72: Not Quite Family
73: Ivories
74: Where Light and Shadow Meet
75: The Apartment: Building Up
76: Spoilers
77: Butting In
78: Six Things Not to Say to a Man
79: Six Things Not to Say to a Woman
80: Her Greatest Gift
81: The Apartment: Unwell
82: By Night
83: Pick Up
84: Purposes
85: High Speed
86: The Perfect Place
87: Stereotypical
88: Out of This World
89: The Apartment: Things They Learned
90: Inspiration
91: Exception to the Rule
92: Unable to Breathe
93: Bad Omens
94: Penalty
95: Ghosts Need Not Apply
96: On the Field
97: The Bridge
98: A Little Chat

30: In the Rain (Phoenix Wright)
31: Finale (Phantom of the Opera)
32: The Very Secret Diary of the Triforce (Legend of Zelda)
33: At the Sunset of Existence (Chrno Crusade)
34: Like Water Off a Duck's Back (Apollo Justice)
35: In Memoriam (Kingdom Hearts II)
36: Not Quite Family (Detective Conan)
37: In the Flutter of a Butterfly's Wings (Corpse Bride)
38: Hidden Treasures (WALL·E)
39: Cutting It Loose (Kaitou Saint Tail)

Song of the Wind (Magic Knight Rayearth)
~ Chapter 7: Of the Dark
~ Chapter 8: Stirring Echoes
~ Chapter 9: Into the Past
~ Chapter 10: Names
~ Chapter 11: The Other Side of the Story
~ Chapter 12: Making a Move



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