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Where Light and Shadow Meet (Fanfic100)

Title: Where Light and Shadow Meet
Fandom: Detective Conan
Characters: Kid/Shinichi (General series)
Prompt: #45—moon
Word Count: 1679 words
Rating: R (to be safe—for allusions to sex)
Author's Notes: I do not own Detective Conan. It all belongs to Gosho Aoyama. I simply borrow the characters, tie them up, and dance them around like life-sized puppets. I do wish they’d stop complaining.
Summary: They were light and dark, unable to meet anywhere else. Kid/Shinichi

There had always been something enchanting about moonlight.

Poets lauded it as romantic and mysterious. Artists tried to capture its luminous essence in oil and watercolors. Novelists attempted to document the secretive doings that went on beneath its watchful eye. Musicians sang its praises. And ordinary people looked up to the moon, trying to see past the glow and find deeper mysteries and answers within its simple silver beauty.

And it bore witness to events both natural and supernatural, often the only entity to see such things as they happened beneath the cover of darkness. It was the criminal’s ideal eyewitness as well: it saw all, but remained silent, never revealing the details of the sights it had seen.

It was before the moon’s eyes that they met.

The first time they had met like this, it had been through a twist of fate and nothing more. Those who shied away from the moon and embraced the cloudy darkness of shadows had appeared at the Kaitou Kid’s heist, and a lone detective had nearly been caught in the crossfire. Quick thinking and even quicker acting had saved them both and hidden them from harm.

The moments spent in hiding seemed to stretch into hours, and their quarters were close. The tension was electrifying, a powder keg in want of a spark to light it. It only took one slip of a nervous hand, brushing somewhere sensitive, to start it all.

A moan, muffled by a hand.

A hand, replaced by a mouth.

A groan, echoing into a mouth.

A hand, venturing further.

They remained where they were long after the danger had passed. When they did emerge, they were both mussed and decidedly red-faced. They bid each other a goodnight, one more awkwardly than the other, and the thief vanished into the night, seemingly disappearing to a space that lay between the moonbeams and the stars, where no one would ever find him.

Such was his way.

He left a startled, confused detective behind on the roof to smooth his dark hair and straighten his favorite blue suit and wonder what had just happened as he made his own way home, alone.

The papers the next day heralded an article, quoting Kudo Shinichi. The detective said that there had been signs of shooters on a nearby rooftop, and he had been forced to hide. By the time it had been safe for him to emerge from his hiding place, Kaitou Kid had escaped. He had not had an opportunity to apprehend the thief due to the aforementioned circumstances, the detective said, but would not fail the next time they faced each other.

Sitting at his own breakfast table, enjoying a morning cup of tea, Kuroba Kaito was started, but not entirely curious as to why his rival and pursuer would lie to that extent. There had been ample opportunity for the detective to catch Kid. He had just let himself be distracted by something else at the time, something far more pleasurable.

Kudo Shinichi did not appear at the next heist, but he was at the one following that. He managed to track Kaitou Kid all the way up to a secluded rooftop, where he called for surrender.

Emboldened by their last encounter, Kid replied by calling for Kudo’s surrender. Then he kissed him.

This time he was far more forward about what he wanted. Pinning the detective back to the wall, he made quick work of his pants and began to stroke and fondle. Kudo’s whimpers of weak protest soon became whimpers of another kind entirely.

The meetings became a regular part of heists. Kudo Shinichi found reasons to be there, and detective and thief would manage to find each other in some secluded place. There was a pull there, a strange magnetism that inevitably led them to one another. And those trysts were usually short, but passionate, and they frequently saw fireworks amidst the starlight.

As time passed, they grew more adventurous. Touches gave way to brushes with lips and probing with fingers in new places. Kid took to blindfolding Kudo to protect his own identity before teasing. There was something deeply satisfying about hearing the dignified detective reduced to whimpering and begging for sweet, sweet release while the criminal he was chasing teased him to the peak with the use of a mouth that could imitate any voice, and a tongue that was far too talented.

He was able to coax the detective into things as well, though he never forced anything. Kudo willingly pleased him with his own mouth, taking his cues from what Kid had done and adding his own nervous inventions. The result was intense, though Kid did apologize when he came in Kudo’s mouth and nearly choked the poor boy, who wasn’t ready for it.

The first time he had Kudo, they were in an empty office—not the ideal quarters for such an act, but far nicer than many places they had been before. He reeled Kudo down to lay on the desk, and he took him as gently as possible, though he still had to stop at Kudo’s pained cry. Gentle lips kissed the tears away, and soon he was enjoying the full pleasures of that beautiful body.

But he was a fair thief. After Kudo had recovered, Kid returned the favor. He was stunned at how much it did hurt, but he was determined that pleasure be shared, and he rode it out to find the pleasure for both of them. It was an extraordinary night, and it lingered with him, staying in his dreams and carrying into the following days.

And there were kisses, before and after and during, always kisses. In some ways, the kisses were the best part of it all because Kid could look directly at Kudo, seeing the moonlight catch those blue eyes and turn them silver, embodiments of the moon itself.

After all, the moon was the only witness to a crime of lust committed in the shade, away from all other eyes. It was the only time when they could meet, in that quiet place between light and shadows. The moon was the only witness to an affair that both clung to desperately, yet could not take out of that darkened place. It was condemned, doomed to remain hidden where light and shadow met. To do otherwise required a courage that neither believed he yet possessed.

As it went on, Kid was startled at how guilty he felt over aspects of it. He was certainly not the worst kind of person there was, but he was no angel. He had done a good many things wrong in his life, some worse than others. He could lift a jewel without so much as a tremble to his hand. Whatever misgivings he might have about being a lover, he masked them well.

But Kudo…the detective was an innocent. Brilliant, but naïve in certain matters. As sweet as honey and yet as fiery as cinnamon. Bold in deduction and casework. Shy in touches and caresses, though his confidence grew with each encounter and each new experience. Nervous about their meetings and trysts, yet so eager to please and be pleased. The innocent eagerness and natural shyness about such things drove the thief nearly insane with desire. He wanted more of it.

And somehow, that was starting to get to Kid. Meeting in dark corners and alleyways, rough fumblings with hurried hands, quick moments where he pressed the detective back to the wall and took what he wanted for a simple lack of patience…

Kudo deserved so much better than that, though the detective never complained. He deserved more than rough quickies against an alley wall and one-night stands on a skyscraper roof while police choppers scoured the air a hundred meters away.

The idea made the thief wonder what he could do…and why he felt that way. It took him a good while to figure out why thinking of the detective made him react so strongly. And it took him even longer to fully accept what he thought and what he felt. He tried to rationalize it, but was unable to.

Still, it was not possible. They were still polar opposites, he of the dark and Kudo of the light—or was it the other way around? He had never been entirely sure. But they were light and dark, and so it seemed that they could only meet in shadow and twilight. Nothing more.

And then there were new developments, and a series of events happening in rapid succession.

And the news finally came…


Kaitou Kid was retiring. He was hanging up his hat, cape, and monocle. There would be no more heists.

The reactions ranged from angry explosions to murmurs of relief, and everything in between.

For his part, Kudo Shinichi was quiet on the matter. He couldn’t help but wonder why the thief would call it quits like this. It didn’t make sense to him. And a small part of him ached at the thought that he might not see the man again. It was ludicrous—Kid was a criminal, and Shinichi was a detective.

But still…

He sighed and set the newspaper aside, trying to figure out exactly how he felt about the whole matter. And as he sat there contemplating it, he became aware of a shadow over him. A glance up revealed a young man, approximately his own age, standing beside him.

Shinichi studied the face, trying to ascertain why it seemed so familiar.

And then the young man spoke, a voice that Shinichi had heard so many times, usually as a murmur in his ear or a soft moan of encouragement; he knew that voice immediately, but the person he knew it to belong to was one who wore white and only came to him on certain nights to lead him through the moonlight and make him see stars.

The young man with that melodious voice introduced himself as Kuroba Kaito…

And asked if he could sit down.

PS. Dedicated with love to clover_magic. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: character: kaito/kaitou kid, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: fanfic100, misc: theme comm

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