Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Sore Loser (Phoenix Wright)

Title: Sore Loser
Fandom: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own anything in the Ace Attorney series. I just sit back and enjoy TEH LAWYER GHEY :D

Miles Edgeworth stared at the strange little object in Larry’s hands. The latter was twisting and tossing the item around, leaving Miles to only see glimpses of colors before it moved again. He couldn’t help but wonder what in the world Larry was doing—aside from killing time as they waited for Wright, who was late. Again. As usual.

Finally, Larry set the item—a cube with brightly colored sides—down on the table and grinned. “Done!”

“All that fuss…for that?” Miles said dubiously. “What is that?”

Larry looked surprised. “You’ve never played with a Rubik’s Cube?”

Miles shook his head, and immediately regretted it when he saw the expression on Larry’s face. That grin was positively shark-like, and altogether unnerving. But before he could protest, Larry had snapped the cube back off the table and was messing with it. A moment later, he handed it to Miles. “Just get all the squares on each side the same color. That’s all!”

It took Miles a moment to realize how it worked. The sides moved. And so he had to get each side to be all the same color. Well, that didn’t seem too hard. Certainly no harder than any court cases…

Ten minutes later, Wright still hadn’t shown up, and there was steam pouring out of Miles’ ears as he glared at the toy in his hands. The single blue square laughing up at him from the center of eight white squares was unmoved by his fury. And Larry had both hands clasped tightly over his mouth, though it didn’t stifle all of the laughter.

With as much dignity and composure as he could muster up, Miles set the cube back on the table. “I think,” he said with teeth clenched tighter than the average pair of pliers, “I will take a break.”

In response, Larry scooped up the toy and started spinning the blocks.

Exactly seven seconds later, he held it up, displaying six sides, each one a different color. “Done!”

Miles’ hands clenched, digging little grooves into the tabletop. He had just been beaten by LARRY?

“Hey! Sorry I’m late!” Phoenix Wright appeared, red-faced and out of breath. He looked like he was going to say something else as he sat down next to Larry, but then his eyes fell on the toy in Larry’s hands. “Is that a Rubik’s cube?”

“Yup!” Larry beamed, his hands flipping the squares around before he passed it to Phoenix. “See whatcha got, Nick!”

Miles sat back in the booth. If Wright was trying it, he wouldn’t have to feel so bad. There was no way that Wright could possibly solve that confounded little puzzle…


…in slightly less than nine seconds.

PS. Written for a prompt on the infamous kink meme XD Thanks for reading!

Tags: character: larry butz, character: miles edgeworth, character: phoenix wright, fandom: ace attorney, misc: one-shot

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