Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Another Day, Another Defendant (Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton)

Title: Another Day, Another Defendant
Fandom: Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton
Word Count: 349
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING.

It was official, Phoenix Wright had decided: he was NEVER going to get a break.

As if the crazy thief in white hadn’t been enough (apparently, that Kaitou Kid person had vanished after the second day of the trial, leaving a note in his cell that while it had been entertaining, he was bored and needed to get home to his darling Taskforce and favorite Inspector), he now found himself representing some new nutjob.

This guy was just insane. He looked the part, too. Hair all done up like horns, the crazy moustache, the goatee…he looked like a villain out of some god-awful B-move from the fifties and sixties, one of those megalomaniacal nutjobs who was determined to take over the world in the most unrealistic way possible, usually via the use of a nuclear bomb or some such thing.

And he was supposed to defend this guy?

The charges were…well, there was another weird point. This guy was being charged with what essentially amounted to terrorism, but the actual specifics were that he had taken to the skies in some flying contraption. And from that flying contraption he had lowered a wrecking ball…and destroyed a large tower in some small village.

When he had gone with Maya to the village to look for information, he found himself assailed by a large number of extremely odd villagers, all of whom seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with puzzles. They all said they would talk to him if he would solve this puzzle first. Needless to say, he made a fairly quick exit from that odd little place.

…but judging by Edgeworth’s expression when he mentioned the town (St. Mystere, was it called?), the prosecutor’s experience had been very much the same.

And now he was in court, across the room from Edgeworth. They both looked completely exhausted.

“Court is now in session,” the judge boomed from his perch. “The trial of Don Paolo will now begin.”

“The prosecution is ready, your honor,” Edgeworth replied automatically.

“The defense is—“


“—contemplating suicide, your honor.”

PS. Can't remember who asked for this one...oh well :D Was fun to write either way. Don Paolo is the most cartoony villain since Professor Rattigan in The Great Mouse Detective. I hope we get more of him in game #2. And the "thief in white" thing is a reference to another crossover I wrote at the same time. Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: fandom: ace attorney, fandom: professor layton, misc: crossover

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