October 11th, 2008

Psychonauts [G-Man]

Thanks, Mom, Love Camp (Ace Attorney/Psychonauts)

Title: Thanks, Mom, Love Camp
Fandom: Ace Attorney/Psychonauts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 624
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own either of them!
Notes: Desperate to improve her psychic abilities, Maya decides to go to a special summer camp. It just wasn't exactly what she had in mind...

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Psychonauts [G-Man]

Opened Up (Psychonauts)

Title: Opened Up
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: Psychonauts: A child acrobat named Raz runs away from the circus and sneaks into a summer camp for psychics. There he discovers a plot in motion to take over the world, and must try to stop this by going into the minds of those around him. Including a giant hulking monstrous lungfish named Linda.
Wordcount: 2714
Taunt: My fandom has the brain of a little girl. In its lab. Honest.

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