Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Here Comes the Bride (Psychonauts)

Title: Here Comes the Bride
Fandom: Psychonauts
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 418
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Teaser: Raz gets an invitation to a wedding. And a paper cut when said invitation pops out of his ear.

In the days since his experiences at Whispering Rock, and his subsequent reception of the title of Psychonaut, Razputin had become fairly accustomed to all manners of strange things. Granted, he wasn't sure that anything could be weirder than the Milkman Conspiracy and the secret agents.

Although he had actually tried some milk that Boyd had brought to him once during a visit; he enjoyed said milk with some cookies bearing an odd rainbow logo on the front. And he had to admit that the milk was, indeed, very delicious.

And due to his odd method of communication with Agent Crueller during that whole ordeal, he wasn't entirely unaccustomed to things popping out of his ears. He just sort of expected it to happen when he waved breakfast meat next to his face.

So it was a bit of a surprise when an envelope fell out of his ear one day. He winced (stupid paper cut...) and picked up the fallen envelope. It was light blue in color, and had his name on the front. He opened it and read the card inside. was a wedding invitation.

It was because of that message that Raz found himself here now, inside the mental world, sitting inside a mental church as they waited for the service to start. He really didn't like dressing up too much, but Lili was there, and she seemed to think he looked pretty darn nice in a suit. He quietly debated on the related pros and cons of wearing one more often.

Maybe it would lead to the makings-out? Or more of the makings-out?

As he glanced around (seeing all manners of faces there, some that he recognized, others that he didn't), he noticed that a few of the candles had gone out. Maybe they had caught a draft? ...wait, did they have drafts in the mental world? Oh brother. Raz focused for just a moment, and smirked in satisfaction as the wicks ignited in a little burst of flame.

Fire really was so pretty.

Lili gave him a light swat on the arm and rolled her eyes. But before she could say anything, it was time for the service to start. And what a beautiful wedding it was, beautiful enough that Raz was certain he saw Sasha Nein wiping a tear away from beneath those ever-present sunglasses of his.

How honored they all truly felt to be invited to witness the marriage of the Duffelbag and his Tag.

It was definitely true love.

PS. And lo, a running joke between my best friend and myself is put on paper. Said joke is that her favorite pairing is Bag/Tag. So when I tossed up a drabble request, she requested it XD Thanks for reading, all! Much love!

Tags: character: razputin, fandom: psychonauts, misc: one-shot

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