Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Thanks, Mom, Love Camp (Ace Attorney/Psychonauts)

Title: Thanks, Mom, Love Camp
Fandom: Ace Attorney/Psychonauts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 624
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: I don't own either of them!
Notes: Desperate to improve her psychic abilities, Maya decides to go to a special summer camp. It just wasn't exactly what she had in mind...

Maya Fey had always known that her psychic powers were not quite up to where they needed to be. She was decent enough for the average spirit medium, but for one who was destined to become the head of the Fey Clan and the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique needed to be far better than average. She was a rational enough person to realize that she needed more advanced training.

So it was with that same reasonable mind that she started doing research, and found out about a summer camp for training psychics. She signed up, and when the big day came, she peeled poor Pearls off her waist and made her way to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.

It didn't take her long, though, to wonder if perhaps this was the wrong move. The first night she was there, she and the other campers (all of whom were a fair number of years younger than her) got a stirring lecture from a man half her height wearing a military uniform. He told them that they were training to become something called a Psychonaut and if they didn't do well, they would die. She then had to comfort the poor child next to her, who burst into tears at the word "die."

Then she started her exercises.

Levitation. She was expected to roll around on a ball of psychic energy, and then hang from it to float through the air. Unfortunately, her bubble tended to pop at the most inopportune moments, and she took more than one dunking in the lake for it.

Pyrokinesis. She was to set things on fire with her mind. An awesome skill, to be sure, and she was positive that she could find some good use for it in court (the image of Miles Edgeworth running around with his cravat on fire was a little bit amusing), but unfortunately, her aim was atrocious. That poor squirrel never saw it coming.

Psi-blasts. Shooting blasts of energy with her mind. That poor bird...she hoped it wasn't an endangered species.

Telekinesis. Moving things with her mind. She was told not to use that anymore after that little incident with the head counselor's car and the tree. Somehow, she doubted that they were ever going to get those two apart.

Confusion. She got these strange grenades that gave off a green gas to leave her opponents momentarily disoriented. It only took one attempt with those (and a poorly-timed sneeze) to make her swear those off.

Invisibility. She could actually make herself disappear. Truth be told, she didn't have any problems with this one, and was again happily thinking of ways that it could be useful back in court. Or just to mess with Nick's head. The same went for that nifty Shield that she found she could cast around herself. She was fairly sure she could figure out a way to gain burgers with those two powers.

But when she learned Clairvoyance, and was able to see what others at the camp saw her as...well, suffice to say, there was something highly disturbing about discovering that a particularly girl-crazy boy at the camp saw her as something entirely inappropriate, she was fairly certain that she wanted to go home.

But the real kicker, and the moment when she decided that she wanted to get the heck out of there, was when she went to the mess hall to talk to Ford, the cook (who also appeared to be the ranger, the janitor, and the admiral in the boathouse?) about acquiring a burger.

And she was told that they weren't ready, and wouldn't be ready for quite some time. Possibly a couple of weeks. They were on back order, it seemed.

Maya howled.

PS. I blame kaitodoushi for this. Just like I blame her for…almost everything plunnie-related, since she gives me so many of the damn things. YAY FOR BEST FRIENDS! Thanks for reading. Much love!

Tags: character: maya fey, fandom: ace attorney, fandom: psychonauts, misc: crossover, misc: one-shot

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