Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Where Credit is Due (Loki)

Title: Where Credit is Due
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: Matantei Loki Ragnarok: The Norse God Loki has been trapped in a child’s body and banished to Earth by the chief god, Odin. He solves paranormal mysteries and avoids other gods who have come to try and kill him. Including Frey. He’s very threatening. Really.
Wordcount: 468
Taunt: My fandom rides pigs.

It all started with a phone call for Yamino, featuring an automated message. Said automated message was inquiring about some recent purchases he had made, and was asking for verification.

One of the charges sounded odd, though. He could not quite place what he had ordered for that amount of money. However, it wasn’t a terribly large amount of money, so he assumed that the order had simply slipped his mind. Spending as much time as he did around Mayura was probably having that effect on him. So he gave the okay and went about his day as usual: cooking, cleaning, and inevitably doing something silly that made Master Loki roll his eyes and sigh (usually in a good-natured fashion) before going back to his book.

When his bill came the following month, however, Yamino noticed something else amiss. There were a couple of other charges to his account. These charges were a good deal more sizable than that stray one he had signed off on over the phone the other day, and they were ones that he knew for certain that he had not made, seeing as they were made out to companies he had never even heard of. Now it seemed that something was very much rotten in the state of Denmark.

His evening upon receiving the bill wound up being rather unexpectedly taken up by a surprise encounter with Heimdall (a sinister plot involving a canary, six large bottles of grape jelly, and far more rubber hosing than Yamino personally felt comfortable handling in public). So he waited until the next day to call. By that time, he was in for an immense shock.

His account had been frightfully overdrawn.

It appeared that one of the places he frequently mail ordered from had been the victim of hackers, and numerous credit card numbers had been stolen. Including Yamino’s, it would seem. They were trying to sort it all out, but for the moment, Yamino was out of luck, and unable to do anything with his account save for reporting the issue and waiting for it to be resolved.

That meant no more mail order for quite some time.

After the call was disconnected with a polite thank you to the stressed customer service representative who had taken his call, Yamino hung up the phone. And by hung up, the narrator obviously means that he clenched his fist hard enough to crack the thing in two.

Loki sipped his tea and watched with his usual passiveness as Yamino started to glow and change into his other form. And as the coils of a very large, very angry serpent filled the office, the god found himself sparing a small shred of pity for the fate that was to befall a human who ruined a god’s credit rating.

PS. Random crack. Could not help myself. Thanks!

Tags: 100fandomhell, fandom: matantei loki ragnarok, misc: one-shot

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