Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

All Hallow's Eve (PL)

Title: All Hallow's Eve
Fandom: Professor Layton
Rating: PG
Word Count: 535
Genre: Gen, Family
Disclaimer: I don't own Professor Layton. Or his top-hat of awesome.
Teaser: It's a holiday that's all about scary stuff!

It all started when Luke came scurrying into the house, saying something about a pumpkin patch and some sort of a holiday that was apparently approaching, and all but begging the Professor to let him do something. Flora wasn’t quite sure on the details, as she had been reading a book in the next room at the time and had only caught part of the conversation through the wall. She didn’t think too much of it, though, and instead returned her attention to her reading.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that she came downstairs, and found that Luke was busily hauling a fairly sizable pumpkin through the front door. He seemed to be struggling to lift the thing. Flora immediately rushed to help, and the two of them were able to lift the orange sphere through the doorway and all the way into the kitchen.

They set it on the floor by the back door, for a lack of any better place to set it at that given moment, and both stepped back with a gasp of relief. A glance at Luke’s hands made Flora wince and spare a moment for relief that she had been holding onto the bottom of the pumpkin and not the stem, which had scratched his hands up but good.

“Whew…thanks, Flora. Don’t think I would have made it by myself,” Luke said with a smile. He moved to the sink and slid his hands under the running water.

After a moment, Flora asked, “What is the pumpkin for?” Her first thought was that they were going to make some sort of pastry. She remembered having pumpkin cake a couple of times when she still lived in St. Mystere, and it was quite tasty.

To her surprise, Luke grinned. “For Halloween!”

Her expression must have said it all, because his smile faded within seconds. “You…you don’t know about Halloween?”

Flora shook her head.

Luke quickly shook off his surprise. “Halloween is a holiday for scary stuff. It’s when ghosts and monsters and things like that can come and walk around. And there’s candy.” As intelligent as Luke was, he was also a child, and the promise of sweets was a potent one indeed.

Flora nodded, and pressed, “So why the pumpkin?”

“We carve it!” he said, drying his hands and opening a drawer. “We carve a face into it and make a jack-o-lantern. The Professor said it was all right, and we can eat the seeds, too!” He withdrew a knife and a large spoon.

“…can I help?” Flora asked after watching as Luke tugged the pumpkin to the center of the kitchen floor and cut a hole in the top. By the time she had asked, he already had several scoops of its innards (for lack of a better word) plopped into a bowl. “I’ve never done this before. It looks fun…”

Luke blinked, then said, “Well, come on down.” He passed her the spoon. “Hope you don’t mind getting messy!”

It wasn’t until a good while later that Professor Layton came home. He was startled to find a mess in the kitchen. In the center of the mess was a pumpkin with a face carved into it. It certainly wasn’t beautiful, but it had a definite set of eyes, nose, mouth.

And sitting beside the pumpkin were two children, both covered in orange slime. Flora in particular had a big glop of the stuff stuck to her cheek. But…

They both looked very, very happy.

Tags: character: flora reinhold, character: luke, fandom: professor layton, misc: one-shot

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