Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Coming Home for the First Time (PL)

Title: Coming Home for the First Time
Fandom: Professor Layton
Rating: PG
Word Count: 708
Genre: Gen
Disclaimer: I don't own Professor Layton. Or his top-hat of awesome.
Teaser: In some ways, it felt more like home than her room in St. Mystere had been.

A gracious gentleman as always, Layton made sure to open the door for Flora and allow her first entry into the brownstone building that was both his home and his office. “After you, my dear.”

She hesitated a moment, then stepped past the threshold and into the foyer, her eyes wide and her gaze going in every direction as she took in her surroundings and caught a glimpse of her new home for the very first time.

When she had made the decision to leave St. Mystere and go into the world with the Professor and his apprentice, she hadn’t really anticipated just how intimidated she would feel about it all, simply by stepping into this building. Yet here she was. She couldn’t help but shiver, and deep down, she kept wondering if she had made the right decision in coming here.

Professor Layton set his bag down by the door and stretched. It had been a very long car ride, after all. “There’s a room upstairs,” he said with a smile. “I’m afraid it’s not entirely suited for a young lady just yet, but I’m sure it will suffice for now.” He picked up her bags and made a motion towards the stairs with his head. “Shall we? I’m sure you’re very tired. It has certainly been a very busy, very interesting day.”

Flora nodded, and quietly followed her new guardian up the stairs. The room in question was at the end of the hall, the door partially ajar. Layton pushed the door the rest of the way open and turned on a light. It was a simple room, most likely intended for guests of a more temporary nature. The furnishings were plain and sparse, and the décor was relatively simple, but it all looked comfortable enough.

The Professor chuckled, almost a bit uneasily. “As I said, not the most appropriate accomodations for a young lady, but it will have to do for now.”

“It’s lovely,” Flora said softly, looking around. It really wasn’t as rich as her room on top of the tower in St. Mystere, but somehow, it felt just as nice, and in some ways, it was even better. More homey. “Thank you.” She gave him a shy smile.

Now Layton looked outright flustered, and he coughed and tugged at the brim of his hat. “Well, I’ll leave you to make yourself at home. I’m sure you’re tired.” He placed the bags by the bed. “I’m going to see if I can get Luke inside the house somehow.”

That earned a light chuckle from the girl. Luke had fallen asleep in the car, and a few small comments from Layton had indicated that trying to wake the boy could result in lost limbs, and trying to move him was akin to nailing gelatin to a tree in terms of difficulty.

He closed the door behind him, leaving Flora alone in her new room.

She stood in the room for a moment, looking around again at the place. Then she sighed and slowly sank down to sit on the bed. Her fingers ran absently over the soft, slightly worn bedspread, a nice shade of blue-violet in color. She was accustomed to everything in her room being pink, so the color was a decidedly nice change.

She should really unpack her things and set about making the room a bit more of her own, but right now she was just so tired. The Professor had been right. It had been a very long day, and she was rather exhausted from everything.

Flora didn’t even bother to change clothes or crawl under the blankets. She just sort of tipped over sideways, and was fortunate enough to have her head land on the pillow. It meant that she didn’t have to move again.

She inhaled deeply; the smell of clean linen filled her senses. It reminded her of when she was little and she would help her mother bring in the laundry. She would sometimes hop into the basket and be completely surrounded by the smell of the warm, clean sheets.

With a sigh that was both happy and sad, Flora felt herself begin to drift off. The smell was so nice…


It reminded her…



Tags: character: flora reinhold, fandom: professor layton, misc: one-shot

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