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Springwrite Archive Post!

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Hello! This is my archive page for the springwrite challenge. Here is where I'll be keeping track of my word-count, as well as linking to everything I have written and posted for the challenge. It should be very interesting to watch everything tally up. It will be updated more or less daily. I hope you enjoy it!

Table of Contents

Total Word Count
Word Count by Month
Word Count by Week
Current Week
Writing Tunes
Completed Chapters and Posts


Hello, and welcome. My name is Candyland. I'm proving myself to be completely insane for the third time in as many challenges, this time by going after the challenge known as springwrite. The goal is to write 150,000 words in four months, i.e. 120 days. This averages out to 1250 words per day, minimum. I beat both summerwrite and autumnwrite (and also did NaNoWriMo during the latter), and it was awesome, and I want to do it again.

I am a fanfiction writer, and so my project(s) for the next several months are all fandom related. I don't really have one central project to focus on. It'll be more bouncing around to whatever snags my interest at a given moment.

Total Word Count

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
18,870 / 150,000

Word Count by Month

JANUARY: Coming soon...
FEBRUARY: Coming soon...
MARCH: Coming soon...
APRIL: Coming soon...

Word Count by Week

Week 01: 14,313
Week 02: Coming soon...

Current Week

Week 2: January 8 - 14

Day 008: 0
Day 009: 0
Day 010: 0
Day 011: 0
Day 012: 4557
Day 013: ####
Day 014: ####

Writing Tunes

~ "Iris - Shiawase no Hako" from Professor Layton and Pandora's Box
~ "Awake" by Josh Groban

Completed Chapters and Posts

44: Remnants from a Nightmare (Rule of Rose)
45: Lies of Omission (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Professor Layton
~ Part I: Attempt
~ Part II: Addict


Tags: misc: seasonwrite

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