Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

A Price Paid in Blood, ch. 9 (DBZ)

Title: A Price Paid in Blood
Fandom: Dragonball Z
Rating: PG-13 (for thematic elements)
Genre: Drama/Angst
Publish Date: 8/13/2002 to 11/4/2002
Disclaimer: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I do not own DBZ.

Dende frowned and shook his head sadly. "I don’t understand it."

"Neither do I," Piccolo replied. "But can you do anything?"

"I can get rid of these," the young God gestured towards the cuts that decorated Gohan’s arms. "And you said Vegeta went back to tell everyone else what was going on?"

Piccolo nodded slowly and wandered out of the Palace of the lookout. Having nothing else to do at the moment, he crossed his legs and levitated a few feet in the air, eyes closed, ignoring Mr. Popo, who was keeping himself occupied by watering the flowers.

Hmmm…the trouble is that Gohan still doesn’t really understand how he’s hurting everyone else. He just doesn’t get it, and until he does, he can’t make the change. Those weren’t pinpricks he was giving himself. And if we don’t put him back together now, we might as well have let him run away. It would’ve been the exact same thing. Damn it to the lowest hells, Gohan!

The Namekian felt his face beginning to twist into a sneer, and he fought to keep it focused and impassive. As soon as Gohan’s injuries were healed and he’d woken up, they were going to have a talk.

That’s right, kid. Just you and good ol’ Mr. Piccolo, having a nice little chat. You’re going to tell me everything, and then we’ll see what can be done to get you home in one piece.

Dende suddenly appeared by his knee. "Well, it’s done. All that can be done now is to wait for him to wake up." Earth’s God suddenly sat down and rested his chin in his hands. "I wish I could do more for Gohan. He saved my life when that henchman of Frieza’s was after me."

"I know," Piccolo said without opening his eyes. "When he wakes up, then the real work begins."

"Taking all the little shards and trying to glue them back together," Dende sighed knowingly.


Dende stood up and walked back into the Palace, followed by Mr. Popo, who was so nervous about Gohan that he’d watered the flowers just short of drowning them without meaning to. This left Piccolo alone again on the lookout.

It seemed like ages before another sound stirred him from his meditation. This time, it was Mr. Popo, softly clearing his throat.

"He’s awake, and he’s not very happy," Popo didn’t look very happy either.

Piccolo unfolded his legs and touched down. "I think it’s time for Gohan and I to have a little chat."

Tags: character: gohan, fandom: dragonball/z, fic: a price paid in blood, misc: chapter-fic

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