Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Icebreaker (Fatal Frame)

Title: Icebreaker
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: Fatal Frame: Miku Hinasaki goes into an abandoned mansion in search of her brother, Mafuyu. She fights ghosts with a magical camera as she tries to uncover the mansion's secrets, including a dark ritual gone wrong.
Wordcount: 200
Taunt: My fandom is into bondage--I mean, ropes. Yes. Ropes.

The rocks had come crashing down as the cave collapsed. The entrance to the cavern was all but destroyed. Miku was gone, hopefully having made it outside to safety. And Mafuyu was—

Well, Mafuyu was a bit disconcerted to look down at the stone floor and see his own arm reaching out from beneath the fallen rocks. But he had made a decision. A promise. And he would keep it. That was the price.

Turning away from the sight, he glanced up at Kirie (the newly not evil Kirie, thank goodness), suspended between two ropes in front of the gate. She looked back at him with a faint smile. Odd, how one could look sort of happy whilst in that situation, using one’s very soul to seal the gate to Hell. But if she was happy, then she was not killing people. And that was a plus. It was one of the reasons he had stayed here, after all.

He walked towards her and sat down on a large boulder that had fallen just in front of her.

For a moment, neither of them spoke.

Then Mafuyu decided to break the ice and ask a question. “So…tell me about yourself.”

PS. Cracky mental image results in cracky double drabble. Thanks!

Tags: character: mafuyu, fandom: fatal frame, misc: one-shot

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