Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Misery Loves Company (Fatal Frame)

Title: Misery Loves Company
Fandom: Fatal Frame
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Wordcount: 490
Disclaimer: I don't own Fatal Frame. Spoilers for all four rituals.

None of them were quite sure how they found the bar, or indeed, each other, but none really saw fit to question it that much. After all, the liquor was good, the music was catchy, and the company was suitably depressing. Misery loves company and all that rot.

“All right, what exactly happened to you all?” Reika said, taking a swig of her drink. She was doing a masterful job of ignoring the numerous men in the bar who seemed perfectly content to ignore her plethora of tattoos simply because she was topless.

“I’ll go first,” a young long-haired woman in a white kimono spoke up. Kirie swirled her glass around in her hand, making the rope dangling from her wrist swing in a tiny circle. “I was locked in a cell and isolated for a decade. I fell in love, so they killed him. Then they took me down to an altar, tied ropes to my head and limbs, and pulled, and used the ropes to tie off the Hell Gate.”

“Unpleasant,” Sae said. She was not the recipient of any longing glances from the other bar patrons, possibly because the front of her kimono was covered in blood. “My twin was supposed to strangle me, but she got lost in the woods. So they took me to the Abyss and hanged me and dropped my body into Hell, hoping it would stop the Repentance from happening. It didn’t work.”

Reika shook her head. “They tattooed the pain of everyone who had lost a loved one into me. That’s what all these tattoos are. Engraved into my skin. I was eventually taken to the Chamber of Thorns and had stakes driven through my hands and feet to keep me from walking in my sleep and letting the pain out of my dreams. But after she killed my love, I spread the Rift.”

“Insomnia?” Kirie said. “Not fun.”

The only one who hadn’t spoken was Sakuya, the girl in the red kimono. She had been the last one to join them at the table. She might have been pretty, underneath the blurry blob that had taken up residence on her face. Sensing that it was her turn to describe her ritual, she cleared her throat. “I put on a mask and danced.”

Silence fell across the table.

After a long moment, it was Sae who spoke. “Get out.”

PS. This is meant to be INCREDIBLY tongue in cheek. It is not meant to be serious or anything other than cracky. I hope you at least get a laugh out of it. Thanks for reading! Much love!

Tags: fandom: fatal frame, misc: one-shot

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