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Another Day, Another Defendant
PG | Phoenix, Don Paolo | Humor | 349 words
Crossover with Professor Layton. Phoenix is in court defending a madman this time.

PG-13 | Klavier/Apollo | Drama/Angst | 1240 words
There was an accident, Apollo...and he didn't make it.

PG | Klavier, Trucy, Phoenix | Humor | 995 words
Poor Klavier. Seems that Trucy has just gotten him in a little bit of trouble.

PG | Franziska, Phoenix, Miles | Humor | 817 words
There are some things you just never expect to see. Franziska is about to demonstrate one of those things.

In His Own Defense
PG | Phoenix, Kaitou Kid | Humor | 734 words
Crossover with Magic Kaito. Phoenix just got a new client. A very strange client.

In the Rain
PG | Phoenix, Miles, Larry | Friendship | 1701 words
After von Karma's sentencing, Miles decides there's no better time to take this step. Fitting that it would rain.

Like Water Off a Duck's Back
PG | Apollo, Klavier | Friendship/Hurt/Comfort | 2464 words
Klavier changed after that trial. But when Apollo stumbles across the prosecutor's private (and unexpected) way of relaxing, he might be able to help...

Lost and Found
PG | Apollo, Klavier | Friendship | 644 words
It's raining, and Apollo found something adorable. No, not just Klavier...

G | The Judge | Humor | 100 words
Yes, I did it! And I would have gotten away with it, too...

Nick Name
G | Phoenix, Larry | Friendship/Humor | 300 words
Larry decided that Phoenix's name was just too hard to spell.

PG | Mia, Phoenix, Winston Payne | Humor | 748 words
Winston Payne said that everyone who meets his wife is shocked. Here's why.

Small Mercies
PG-13 | Mia, Phoenix | Drama/Friendship | 2104 words
Some people call it fate or serendipity or grace. I call it mercy, and it can give you a chance to change the world for those you left behind. Like you, Phoenix.

Sore Loser
G | Phoenix, Miles, Larry | Friendship/Humor | 450 words
Miles is about to get owned at something. By Larry, of all people.

Target in Sight
PG | Kristoph Gavin | Humor | 964 words
Kristoph Gavin is on a mission to find Phoenix Wright. Now if he can only figure out which one is the right Wright...

Thanks, Mom, Love Camp
PG | Maya | Humor | 624 words
Crossover with Psychonauts. In order to improve her powers, Maya goes away to a summer camp for psychics. But this wasn't quite what she expected.

What's Past is Prologue
R | Klavier/Apollo | Angst/Romance | 3132 words
Warnings for sexual content and thematic elements. Klavier wondered why Apollo was so hesitant to take his shift off when they were together.

Tags: fandom: ace attorney, misc: master list

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