Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

A memo from the author!

*peeks in* H-hallo? Is anyone still reading this? .__.

Hey, it's Candy! ...the author? Yes, that Candy! L'anyhoodle, just a heads up that I have not forgotten about this account. I apologize for lack of replies to any comments or anything. But the part of Real Life that was kicking me in the teeth has passed, and I may return to my usual fannish activities at long last.

So brace yourselves, boys and girls and other! I'm working on things, and should start posting again soon. I appreciate your patience with me and my flakiness, and thank you for your time.

...AND OH MY GOD WHEN DID THIS ACCOUNT GET OVER A HUNDRED WATCHERS?? *runs around and loves everyone to death*
Tags: misc: author's notes
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