Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

What Can't Be Seen (Princess and the Frog)

Title: What Can't Be Seen
Author: Candyland (candy__chan)
Fandom: The Princess and the Frog: A girl named Tiana and a prince named Naveen go on a quest to get un-froggified with the help of a trumpet-playing gator and a Cajun firefly with a very unusual love interest against one of the (visually) coolest villains Disney’s churned out in a long time.
Wordcount: 376
Taunt: My fandom has friends on the other side.

It wasn't so dark, Ray thought. That was good. The dark didn't bother him, as the bayou was always dark come the night, but he had always felt a bit more comfortable with a little bit of light around him. A firefly always had light; it was the way things were.

But lordy be, wasn't it beautiful up here? With the stars and the moon and the whole world spread out below him. And up ahead, just above him, there was a bright light. As he drew nearer, it grew more and more blinding, until he had to shield his eyes against it. That was one heck of a firefly!

…a firefly?

Remembering where he was, he blinked with watery eyes at the brightness. "…Evangeline?"

A sound in his mind, like the gentle ring of silver bells.

Ray fluttered a bit closer. "S'really you?"

Again, the twinkling sound. It was hard to describe what he felt then, like someone had wrapped his heart in a bundle of silk, safe and soft and loved.

Closer still. He could all but reach out and touch her now. "C-can I take a sit?"

Twinkle, like bells like laughter like music.

"Al'right," Ray said. He fluttered up and nestled into the vacant spot beside his Evangeline. He wiggled and got comfortable, and risked a glance at her. She was so beautiful…

Sighing, he looked down, suddenly feeling bashful. He knew that Tiana had said those things about Evangeline out of grief; he had never doubted, never lost his faith in Evangeline. That was faith, after all: the belief in what can't be seen. "I knew I was right 'bout you…"

Laughter. Happiness. Affection.

And he sat beside her, content.

AN: I didn’t cry when those clouds parted at the end, honest! I’m butch and manly ;o; Thanks for reading!

Tags: 100fandomhell, fandom: princess and the frog, misc: one-shot

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