Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Reality Bites, ch. 5 (DBZ)

Title: Reality Bites, Chapter 5
Fandom: Dragonball Z
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Publish Date: 8/2/2002 to 8/9/2002
Disclaimer: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I do not own DBZ.

"Puar! What’s wrong?" Yamcha picked up the little cat. Puar had been flying around happily when suddenly she had dropped to the floor. She opened her mouth and tried to speak. Just like several of the others, her voice was gone.

"Umm…okay…" Yamcha let her go, expecting her to float in the air like she always did.

It didn’t happen. She fell flat on the floor again. This time, she tried to stand up. It didn’t work either. Her legs wouldn’t support her. How…peculiar…

"I think I’ll call Bulma…she’s the smart one…" Yamcha picked up the phone and dialed a number, keeping one eye on the little blue cat struggling on the floor.

The phone rang and rang and rang, but Bulma didn’t answer.

"Or maybe we’ll go visit Bulma," he said, hanging up the phone.

Piccolo was meditating on Kami’s tower, floating about two feet in the air, when something bizarre happened. He fell and hit the ground hard, snapping him out of his meditation.

"Huh?" he looked around, ignoring the slight pain in his lower back. Suddenly, his head and shoulders fell forward and crashed into the stone floor of the lookout, leaving a large indentation in the ornate stone tiles.

"Why…can’t…I…move…" he grunted. "…not…that…heavy…before…" he managed to shrug out of the weighted turban-like hat thing and weird shoulderpiece deally. Only then could he actually sit upright. What the…

Tags: fandom: dragonball/z, fic: reality bites, misc: chapter-fic

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