Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Unnecessary Introductions (DC)

Title: Unnecessary Introductions
Fandom: Detective Conan
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Publish Date: 9/24/2005 through 12/24/2006 (in Short Stack Stories)
Disclaimer: I don't own Detective Conan. But I do have homemade hand-puppets for each character...that's normal, right?

“Allow me to do the introductions,” the woman said cheerfully to Mouri Kogoro, gesturing towards the room full of people behind her. It was a dinner party—and if Conan’s guess held right, one of those people would be stone dead within the hour.

“Wait, not necessary!” Ran said, leaning down to read the white writing on the blue rectangles that popped up in front of everyone. “I’ll just read your nametags, thanks.”

Conan interlocked his fingers together and put them behind his head. “Those things appear in front of everyone we meet. I wonder where they actually come from…”

Tags: character: ran, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, misc: one-shot

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