Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Don't Fall! (30 Kisses: Hayate/Himeno)

Title: Don’t Fall!
Author: Candyland
Pairing: Awayuki Himeno/Hayate
Fandom: Pretear
Theme: #25—fence
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Kaori Naruse. I claim none, I merely borrow them and take them to yummy shoes sales and put them through the horror of finding the perfect strappy sandal.

Holding her arms straight out to the sides, she inched along carefully, reveling in the simple feeling of being alive. The sun was warm on her face, the gentle breeze was cool against her arms…

“Hey, Tulip-Head!”

…and Hayate’s jibe was ringing loudly in her ears. Great…

She looked down at him and sighed. “Hayate, go away.”

He smiled indulgently and watched her continue to toddle along; she was pretending to ignore him. He didn’t smile like that for anyone else, and she knew it. Just one more manifestation of the influence she really had on him.

Still grinning, he folded his arms casually across his chest—he was in his favorite “everyday” clothes, the dark blue shirt , jeans, and long beige coat; his longer hair was pulled back as usual. In short, he had absolutely no intent of doing anything serious today whatsoever. Again, Himeno’s influence—Himeno, who was still pretending to ignore him. But her little smile made it quite clear that she was kidding.

Instead, he simply tilted his head to one side and said, “So what exactly are you doing up there?”

“Walking,” she said simply, continuing on her way along the top of the fence. It was one of the really high ones that ran along various perimeters in the Awayuki gardens. She’d had to climb a tree to get up there in the first place, but she just wanted to see if she could do it.

Fortunately, it was a most beautiful day, warm and sunny with just the right amount of breeze. Perfect for a stroll of any kind, be it on a sidewalk, a street, or on the narrow top of a fence.

“You’re going to fall,” Hayate jeered.

She rolled her eyes. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Are too.”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

With a sigh, Himeno shook her head. “This is starting to sound like a cartoon.”

“True,” he agreed. “But you’re still going to fall.

Her temper flared; Himeno turned to yell at him—and realized belatedly that she had moved a little too fast and a little too far for safety. And with a little scream, she tumbled from the top of the fence…
Right into Hayate. She ended up balanced bridal-style in his waiting arms.

He smirked. “Now how did I know you were going to do that?”

“Shut up,” she snapped on reflex. She gave him a Look, and squirmed uncomfortably.

“That’s why I was waiting here, Tulip-Head,” he went on, enjoying the teasing. It was so much fun to watch her get all riled up! “So I could catch you before you hurt yourself. I knew you would fall.”

Himeno looked at him quietly for a second, then suddenly leaned forward and threw her arms around his neck to kiss him. It was a bit awkward from her vantage point balanced in his arms, but that certainly wasn’t stopping Awayuki Himeno, no sirree!!

And it was all Hayate could do not to drop her in surprise.

When she relinquished her possessive claim on his lips, he looked at her in surprise. This wasn’t their first kiss—not by any means—but it still took the rug right out from under him when she did something like that. He probably looked like an owl, all blinky like that.

Himeno grinned. “Why do you think I let myself go?”

Hayate’s brow furrowed as he tried to follow.

“Because,” she said as her grin softened into a loving smile, “I knew you wouldn’t let me fall.”

PS. Short and silly. The waff is chewing on my head…thanks for reading! Much love!

Tags: character: hayate, character: himeno, fandom: pretear, fic: 30 kisses, misc: theme comm

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