Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

The Alphabet Game (30 Kisses: Shinichi/Ran)

Title: The Alphabet Game
Author: Candyland
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi/Mouri Ran
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #10—#10
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Gosho Aoyama. I claim none, I merely borrow them and dress them up in frilly smocks and make them dance to my ever-changing will like the puppets they are.

The Alphabet Game.

Shinichi frowned at the email’s heading, and double-clicked on it. It was from Ran—sent within the last ten minutes. She didn’t often send him emails, as it was generally easier to call him, and they saw each other pretty much daily. But the ones she did forward along tended to be rather interesting. In a second, the email window had popped up, and he found himself reading a most intriguing challenge from his girlfriend.

Shinichi, (Ran had written) I saw this online, and thought it might be interesting to try. Take each letter of the alphabet, and come up with a word or phrase starting with that letter that you think describes me, be it good or bad or whatever, and then explain it. Send it to me when you’re done, and then I’ll send you the one I’m doing for you. It had better be good ;) Love, Ran.

Shinichi reread the email, and then smiled. Interesting…very interesting.

Not that he could have refused Ran this, even if he hadn’t thought it might be fun. But a chance to really think through everything he could about her, and put them into words. Most intriguing. He popped open a reply email, thought about it for a moment, and then began to type, starting with the letter A…


Far sooner than she had expected, an email popped into Ran’s inbox. The subject read Here’s your alphabet! She smiled indulgently. Her boyfriend was a nerd, but she loved him dearly. She might have been just a tad bit nervous at what might be waiting for her, but she opened the email and began reading.

A: Azure. The color of your eyes. Beautiful blue.

B: Beautiful. I don’t really have to explain this, do I? You’re a solid ten, and don’t you ever forget it. And I know you’re blushing now, which is also very cute :)

C: Cooking. What you can do in a kitchen is nothing short of magic. And it makes me very, very happy that you didn’t inherit your mother’s cooking skills…or lack thereof. No food poisoning for me!

D: Daring. Anybody who will jump off a burning skyscraper with nothing but a fire hose for a lifeline has got guts to spare. If someone important to you is in trouble, you’ll barrel into the fray without a second thought…and usually kick ass while you’re at it.

E: Energy. You can do anything and everything, and do it all at once. I swear you have the ability to grow extra arms or something. There’s no other way for you to juggle that many things at once!

F: Friend. Basic, but true. No matter how much has changed between us, you’re still my best friend, the one I’ve known since we were both a lot shorter (the first time around, I mean…), the person who knows me better than anyone else, yet has not seen fit to use that knowledge for blackmail purposes.

G: Girly. You are, and it works. Don’t change. Ever.

H: Hug. Remember when we faced off the with the syndicate, and everything sort of came flying out into the open, and I kinda got shot and ended up in the hospital and they thought I was going to die? Well, I never actually told you this, but when I woke up and you were standing there and there was no one else in the room, my first thought was “No witnesses…” And then you hugged me and told me everything was going to be okay…I love you, you know that?

I: In control. Two words, I know, but it’s true. Even when you’re not in control, you are! I hope that makes sense, but I can’t think of any other way to put it.

J: Justice. Evil-doers beware, for Ran will kick your ass, and look amazing doing it!

K: Karate…or kicking my ass. Either applies. Sometimes it scares me to know that you could dismantle me with your bare hands, but that’s a part of who you are, so I’ll just keep dodging. And at least I know you can take care of yourself. Not that it stops me from worrying, but hell…

L: Lovely. Pretty is skin-deep, whereas beautiful goes aaaaaaaall the way down to the core. And you, my dear, are lovely in every respect.

M: Maternal. You have this caring streak in you about a mile wide. I got to see that part of you a lot during the whole Conan fiasco. You’re going to be a great mother someday…cough…

N: Nice. Very basic, but very true. You’re just a nice person, not a malicious bone in your body, even when you’re beating me (I know that I usually deserve it, anyway). You’re also nice to look at. But only I get to do that. Mine!

O: Optimistic. Even when things seem really bleak, you can always look on the bright side of things and somehow find an upside. We could be hanging over a cliff, and you could find something nice to say about how lovely the view is or something. How do you do that, anyway?

P: Patient. You have got to be the most patient person I have ever met. For starters, you put up with me, don’t you? And if you want something, you’ll wait as long as it takes to get it. Nothing particular comes to mind, of course…

Q: Question. Will you marry me?

R: Red. Your favorite color. It really suits you. You’re very passionate about things that are important to you. And besides, it looks really good on you ;)

S: Sexy. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? You’re hot! …don’t beat me. Please?

T: Tender. When I’m having a bad day, or something’s going wrong, or a case is bugging me, or whatever, you can always make things feel better by just putting your arms around me. Thank you.

U: Unshakable. I really have to work to ruffle your feathers some days!

V: Violent. Ehehe…you get mad, I run the other way. See also letter K: Karate.

W: Work. You’re not afraid to pull your weight at any task, and you have an amazing work ethic. I mean, you clean up after your father almost daily. You are an amazing worker!

X: X-ray. You’re really the only person who can do this to me. Sometimes you look at me, and I get the feeling that you’re just looking straight through me. Makes it hard to hide things from you—like your birthday presents, or the fact that I’ve been looking at rings.

Y: Yummy. Cooking, and otherwise (griiiiiiiiiin)

Z: Zany. Odd choice of word, hmm? Well, you are. I’ve seen you when you really cut loose and let go, and you have to be the craziest person I know when you just let go of it all. And don’t deny it, I’ve seen you at karaoke (you may have destroyed those pictures, but I still have the negatives, thank you very much).

Well, there you go, Ran. As per your request, an alphabet for you. Looking forward to what you’re going to say about me. It had better be good, or else! Love you. Shinichi.

Ran was grinning from ear to ear, and she had no desire to put that smile away anytime soon. Well, wasn’t this just the most interesting thing…she pulled up her own alphabet on Shinichi and made a couple of slight edits. One cut and paste later, it was whizzing across the internet towards his inbox, and she was on her way out the door in a hurry.


Shinichi had been waiting for the response email with Ran’s alphabetical thoughts on him a bit more nervously than he had thought he would be. But finally, as he was leaning back to take a swig from a canned beverage, he heard the email click into his inbox. Sitting up, he opened it without hesitation.Eagerly, he started to read…and promptly spit his drink all over the computer monitor.

A: Ass. You’ve got a nice one. Make sure you clean the screen off before you go on, okay?

Shinichi grumbled a bit, but pulled out paper towels and made quick work of the mess. How did she do that, anyway? But once he was satisfied that the stickiness had been vanquished, he settled back down and went on.

B: Blue. You have beautiful blue eyes. I’ve told you that before. I could just stare at them forever. But then you would probably think I’m weird and make fun of me, you jerk.

C: Cynical. Maybe it’s all those murders, but you are so incredibly pessimistic sometimes. Things usually work out, don’t they? So stop worrying so much. Rose-colored glasses don’t bite once in a while.

D: Death. Sorry, sweetie, but dead bodies follow you around like lost puppies. Have you been cursed or something? We could contact someone to reverse the hex, if you want. Yay, we're going to get you exorcised!

E: Egotistical. Speaks for itself. I love you, but some nights I can’t see the stars because your big head is in the way. But don’t worry. If you start getting a little too full of yourself, I will personally and cheerfully take you down a couple of pegs. Aren't I generous? Really, what would you do without me?

F: Facetious. Good word, isn’t it? I’m sure you know this, but it means ‘sarcastic.’ There is no one more sarcastic than you, Shinichi. Sarcastic and cynical—how you can still be so damn charming while you’re making all those wisecracks, usually about me, is beyond me.

G: Gentleman. I’ve talked with your mother about this (and yes, I do chat with your parents from time to time, deal with it), and she done good, raising a perfect gentleman. Part of the time, anyway. Don’t let it go to your head—you’re still a jerk for the other twenty-two hours of the day.

H: Handsome. I’m going to borrow your phrase. You, sir, are a full-fledged ten. And all mine!

I: Intelligent. How in the world you can sleep through every single class and still get the marks you do escapes me. Come back down to us mere mortals once in a while, okay? Thanks.

J: Justice. You stole mine for you, you jerk! Guess I’ll reuse it. You have such a strong sense of justice that sometimes you forget everything else or get into trouble because of it. I won’t mention any names or specific times, though. Of course.

K: Kick. A soccer ace who never misses. That’s you. The only person I’ve ever heard of who can use a soccer ball as a deadly weapon. And don’t listen to what anybody else says, I am definitely your number one fan. So there :-P

L: Lemon. You love your lemon pie, don’t you? Hope mine is still your favorite. And for the record, I know exactly what you were thinking when you saw lemon. While I thoroughly enjoy kissing you, I will break both your arms--and possibly a couple of other limbs--should you take any liberties I do not expressly approve of. This has been a public service announcement.

M: Mysteries. You knew would pop up somewhere on here, didn’t you? You are a total mystery nerd, you can’t stop babbling about Sherlock Holmes, and you run off to solve cases at the drop of a hat. But that’s a part of who you are, and I accept that. But you’re still a nerd.

N: Narcissist. See also E: Egotistical. I’ve seen you walking past windows and stop to check your reflection. You look fine. I promise you. And yes, I am fully aware that your eyes are gorgeous. So watch where you’re going already. Although it was hilarious after you got back to normal when I caught you staring in a mirror, and you explained to me, "I haven't seen myself in a while. I missed me!" Very cute.

O: Obsessive. You take your interests very seriously. There’ve been a couple of soccer games on where I could have probably walked into the room naked and stood on my head and you wouldn’t have even noticed I was there, let alone…yeah. But you’re very intent on things that are important to you.

P: Popular. Confession time: I fell for you a long time ago. But I really thought that there was no way you’d ever go for me—you had your own goddamn fan club! Glad we both clued in. And I’ve actually got another word for this letter: Possessive. You’ve got me, and you’re not letting go, are you? But in the end, I own you, and you know it ;)

Q: Quizzical. You can never stop asking questions. Must be a side-effect of that whole detective thing. You hate it when you don’t know what’s going, don’t you?

R: Red. Damn you, you took mine for this too! I’m using it anyway, so there. It’s also your favorite color. Nearly got us killed that one time, didn’t it? But like you said, it’s a color of passion, and that fits you. No matter how much you try to be all indifferent all the time. I know you better than that.

S: Singing. I love you, but please. Just don’t. You could probably make a criminal give up if you just started belting Row, Row, Row Your Boat at them or something. Otherwise, just don’t do it.

T: Trust. I’ve always trusted you above all others. That got shaken a bit once, but trust can be rebuilt, and you came back to prove yourself worthy of it again. But don’t do that again, okay?

U: Unique. Before you start snorting, let me explain. You are one in a million. I doubt that I would ever be able to find another person like you in the world. You’re very special.

V: Valentine. Be mine? Okay, teasing.

W: Wiseass. You are. Don’t deny it.

X: Xylophone. No real reason. I’ve just always wanted to learn to play one. (Come on, you come up with another X word that makes sense, Mr. X-Ray!)

Y: Yes. I will marry you. Couldn’t you have asked me in person, or when this came along, did it just seem too good of an opportunity to pass up? You nerd :)

Z: Zephyr. The wind. You are like a wind. You always manage to come flying in and shake everything up, like a windstorm. But at the same time, you can be as gentle as a summer breeze. Also, as you’re reading this, that’s how fast I’m currently sprinting over to your house—like the wind.

You are a total nerd. I’ll see you in a few minutes. Love, Ran.

It took a moment for that all to sink in. But by the time he’d actually processed, someone was already knocking frantically on his door. In record time, he was opening it and sweeping Ran up into his arms for a very enthusiastic kiss. He gave her the ring, too.

E: Eventually.

PS. I saw a CCS fic using this premise, and I absolutely adored it, so I thought maybe I’d see what Shinichi and Ran had to say about each other. BTW, the dictionary is my friend…but I hope you liked the random fluff. After a couple of angsty chapters, it’s nice to get back to cuteness.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Much love to all!

Tags: character: ran, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 kisses, misc: theme comm

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