Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

A Problem with Plumbing (30 Kisses: Hayate/Himeno)

Title: A Problem with Plumbing
Author: Candyland
Pairing: Awayuki Himeno/Hayate
Fandom: Pretear
Theme: #27—overflow
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Kaori Naruse. I claim none, I merely borrow them and take them to yummy shoes sales and put them through the horror of finding the perfect strappy sandal.

It all started early one morning when Awayuki Himeno walked into the bathroom, and found herself magically transported to the middle of the Nile River—or so it seemed, at the very least. Well, there had to be some explanation as to why she was suddenly standing ankle-deep in extremely cold water!

Himeno was decidedly not a morning person, but that’s enough to wake anyone up.

Now thoroughly conscious, she trudged through the water into the bathroom with the intent of finding the source of the flood. It didn’t take her long to pinpoint the bathtub as the most likely place to start. The reason? It was filled to the brim and overflowing onto the floor.

A quick search led to the real culprit, though. The shower head in this bathroom was one that could be removed and pulled down on a long hose for more centralized bathing. It also had a massage feature! But however wonderful it was, whoever had last use this bathroom hadn’t put back up on its little hook. It had been left in the tub…and apparently, it hadn’t been turned off all the way, or it was broken or something. And what a way to find out the tub was clogged…

She picked it up from the miniature ocean of the white porcelain tub and looked at it. Sure enough, there was water running from it in a small, constant stream. Cold water, no less. It ran down over her hand, soaking the cuff of her oversized pajama shirt.

Frowning, Himeno turned the handle on the bathtub with one hand, turning the shower head over in her other hand. “What in the world is wrong with this thi—AAAAACK!!!!”

Her thoughts trailed off into a full-fledged scream as suddenly, Old Faithful made an appearance in one of the Awayuki bathrooms. Whatever she had done to the bathtub was now attacking her through the shower nozzle. Himeno found herself caught under a sizable spray of icy water.

Still screaming, she dropped the shower head—it landed back in the water on the floor with a splash—but it was a foregone conclusion: she was officially drenched, from head to toe. Plus, it was still spraying up at her. Grappling frantically and trying to see through water-blurred eyes, she finally found the handle and twisted it desperately.

By some miracle, the geyser of freezing water subsided.

“Himeno! What happened?” Hayate, clad in his work uniform, burst through the door, full expecting to find all sorts of heinous trouble—murder, theft, kicking puppies, whatever!

Instead, he found himself soaked halfway up his calves as very cold water sloshed against his legs. He wasn’t expecting it, and it nearly knocked him clean over, but fortunately, he grabbed onto the door frame and held on for dear life; thus, he was saved from a certain soaking.

It was then that he noticed that a certain someone else hadn’t been so lucky.

Himeno was just standing there by the bathtub…drenched.

He stared at her. “What happened?”

She pointed; water dripped off of the tip of her finger. “The bathtub spit on me.”

He tried. Desperately. He truly did. But he Could. Not. Help. Himself.

Hayate started to laugh.

The kind of laughter that you just can’t hold in, no matter how much you don’t want to let it out. The kind of laughter that makes your face red and brings tears to your eyes. The kind of laughter that makes your stomach hurt after a while and gets you to the point where you really can’t breathe, but you just can’t stop. The kind of laughter that can be heard in the next county.

It was just so funny. But it was also partially that he was relieved that Himeno was alive and unharmed. He’d been walking by and heard her scream, and his concerned nature had automatically jumped to all the worst possible conclusions.

And besides, Himeno really was adorable, with her hair plastered to her face and lots of water droplets sprinkled on her face. Between her oversized pajamas clinging to her with a possessive ferocity and her plaintive, wide-eyed expression, she looked like a child who had just gotten caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

He couldn’t keep himself from laughing.

“Hayate…do me a favor…” she whimpered pathetically.

He got enough of a grip on himself to gasp, “What?”

“…can you go call a plumber?” Himeno sniffled. “It’s broken.”

Hayate inched his way through the water, ignoring the fact that it made his legs go quite numb, and without thought for his own dryness, swept her up into a hug and planted a kiss on her forehead.

She just looked like she needed it.

PS. I just had an image of Himeno soaked, and it went from there into this little piece of goofiness. That’s my favorite part about this challenge—it gives me a place to dump my most random thoughts. And nope, no ‘overflow’ metaphors. Everyone expects that!! Just a broken bathtub. I guess you could say that it’s also partially inspired by all the times the Nile River has appeared in the middle of my dorm’s laundry room…

Also, if you’ll notice, we’ve officially reached the halfway point of the 30 Kisses challenge for Hayate and Himeno. Fifteen down, fifteen to go. A major thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me thus far, and I sincerely hope you’ll stick with me for the next fifteen. Thanks, everyone, and much love!!

Tags: character: hayate, character: himeno, fandom: pretear, fic: 30 kisses, misc: theme comm

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