Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Beautiful Beginning (30 Kisses: Shinichi/Ran)

Title: Beautiful Beginning
Author: Candyland
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi/Mouri Ran
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #22—cradle
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Gosho Aoyama. I claim none, I merely borrow them and dress them up in frilly smocks and make them dance to my ever-changing will like the puppets they are.

The two babies stared at each other with strikingly similar azure gazes.

Having been placed in the same cradle by their parents, they really didn’t have much else to do. Said parents were just outside the door, excitedly discussing their relatively new roles as parents, leaving their very young children to get acquainted.

The adorable little boy regarded his newfound companion quizzically before crawling over to her for closer examination. She held onto her stuffed bunny toy and watched him right back.

Baby Shinichi chirped.

Baby Ran cooed.

Baby Shinichi gurgled.

Baby Ran meeped.

Baby Shinichi giggled.

Baby Ran shrieked and waved her arms…and then reached over and soundly gave Baby Shinichi a baby slap on the top of his baby head before she decided that the bunny toy in her hands was more interesting and less likely to irritate her, and began gnawing on its ear. Poor Bunny-san.

Baby Shinichi pouted.

Baby Ran chewed, ignoring him.

That was the state they were in when Yukiko and Eri came in several minutes later and scooped them back up, chattering something about putting them in a playpen so they could have a little bit more room to move and play. Shinichi was still peering at Ran curiously, and Ran was still clinging fiercely to her bunny rabbit, giving Shinichi a more suspicious look.

In short order, the babies were deposited in the aforementioned playpen, and the mothers were on their way back to engage in further conversation and coffee with the men-folk. But Yukiko paused, and hung back. Once Eri had returned to the kitchen, she stood alone in the doorway, observing quietly.

Ran was wielding her bunny toy, clinging it in front of her like a small plush shield. She studied the small boy warily, keep Bunny-san between him and herself. But Shinichi didn’t seem to notice her unease and crawled right up to her, gurgling happily. Having given her space for a while, he now seemed determined to befriend the shy little girl, whether she was interested at the moment or not.

Had he been older, Yukiko probably would have stopped this. But he was just a baby, far too small to understand the concept of restraints or personal boundaries. And besides, it was really adorable to watch him chase the little girl around. She sighed. Even at his tender young age, he was already starting to act like his father…

Yukiko frowned, and immediately squelched that particular thought.

Now Shinichi was poking at the rabbit with curiosity. He gurgled, and one could almost get the impression that he was asking about it. What was it? Why did she have it? And why was she using it to try and beat him off? Already, he was so curious about everything.

Really, everything.

Especially things he really shouldn’t be curious about.

But no matter—something was happening now.

Shinichi ducked around the swinging stuffed rabbit, threw his short arms around Ran’s neck, and planted a big wet baby kiss on Ran’s cheek before shuffling backwards, cackling in a way that no child that small should ever cackle. Ever. He sounded like pure evil.

Given who his father was, Yukiko would have not have been horribly surprised…

Needless to say, Ran screamed her baby head off.

When the other parents flew into the room in alarm, they found Yukiko laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes. Baby Shinichi lying on his back on the floor, squealing with laughter while Baby Ran screeched in red-faced fury and attempted to bludgeon her offending companion with her stuffed rabbit.

Poor Bunny-san.

The parents were appropriately bewildered…until Yukiko brushed away the tears and got ahold of herself long enough to explain what had happened. She also added (with something of a snort) that apparently her son was already turning into his father.

Yuusaku declined to comment on that, merely raising an eyebrow at the whole affair.

Meanwhile, Ran had abandoned the toy in favor of attacking Shinichi with tiny clenched fists. The little boy was still curled up on the floor shrieking with laughter, not even making much of an effort to ward off the attack on his person.

It was only when Baby Ran suddenly stopped and sat down and started to cry that he stopped and just looked at her. His little head cocked to one side, and he seemed to regard her with a certain degree of confusion. Why was she crying?

Pushing himself up onto his knees, Shinichi crawled over for closer inspection. Then he reached out and tapped her on the shoulder with exaggerated care. She looked at him with red-tinged eyes, sniffling miserably. It was adorable, save for the whole unhappiness thing.

Shinichi smiled and chirped something in fluent Baby-Talk. None of the adults had any clue what he said, having long since forgotten the language with the onset of learning normal Japanese. But whatever it was that he said, Ran gurgled something back.

Baby Shinichi meeped.

Baby Ran cooed.

Baby Shinichi laughed.

Baby Ran giggled.

Baby Shinichi clambered over and picked up the stuffed rabbit from where it had been so carelessly discarded. Dragging it along by one ear, he pulled it back over and offered it to Ran with a grin.

She took it and hugged it, murmuring something at him.

The parents, meanwhile, were still utterly baffled as to what exactly was going on. Obviously, the children had made up and the fight had been forgotten. But the oft-unpronounceable language of Baby-Speak had left them somewhat baffled.

…but if the children now seemed to be getting along, then did it really matter?

So in the end, everything was all right. Except for Ran’s stuffed rabbit toy, who was now in desperate need of a prescription of a needle, thread, and an expert’s sewing hand to repair the damage done to his limbs and ears from all the swinging and hitting.

Poor Bunny-san.

“…and that was when you two met, and how you had your real first kiss,” Yukiko finished with a shark-like grin. “ A beautiful beginning, don’t you think? Obviously, nothing much has changed, has it? Congratulations, you two!” She returned the microphone to its stand and went back to her seat to copious amounts of applause.

Most of the room was roaring with laughter. At the head table, Shinichi and Ran looked properly horrified while the bridesmaids and groomsmen cackled around them. “Mooooooooooom…” Shinichi whined, putting his beet-red face in his hands. “Nooooooo…”

Beside him, Ran just looked mortified.

Maybe letting Yukiko speak at their wedding hadn’t been the best idea in the world after all…

PS. Idea came from a combination of a couple different things, and was encouraged by magic_truth. I really debated about the ending for a bit before deciding to go for the gusto! And my little cousin has been known to randomly kiss people of any age. She has a lot of love.

The bunny toy thing was inspired by a fanart I saw once upon a time but have not yet been able to relocate. It was the cutest thing ever, too—wish I could find that website…but I have now done both extremes—I’ve written ‘em old, and I’ve written ‘em young. Yay! Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and much love, everyone!

Tags: character: ran, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 kisses, misc: theme comm

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