Candyland (candyfics) wrote,

Losing Control (30 Kisses: Shinichi/Ran)

Title: Losing Control
Author: Candyland
Pairing: Kudo Shinichi/Mouri Ran
Fandom: Detective Conan
Theme: #8—our own world
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Gosho Aoyama. I claim none, I merely borrow them and dress them up in frilly smocks and make them dance to my ever-changing will like the puppets they are.

The door slammed shut. Ran’s back slammed against the door. And Shinichi’s hands slammed against the wood paneling on either side of her head. He was standing so close, trapping her between himself and the door. No escape. But did she want to escape, was the question…

“Shinichi…” she whispered through the darkness. “What are you—“

He cut her off in a way that left her with no desire to argue. And for a very long moment they stayed like that, pressed against the door. But self-control was soon lost to something else, something far more overwhelming, and restraint was soon scattered, like loose feathers, to the four winds.

Of course, Ran didn’t really realize that until his thumb dragged down the side of her face and gently teased her chin down, allowing him easy access for further exploration. She didn’t really mean to groan into his mouth, but she felt him shudder in response.

Her body moved without her permission, and she tugged at the hem of his shirt, only becoming nervous when she realized she was doing it. His lips broke away from hers long enough for her shaky hands yank the offending garment over his head. But the minute the fabric had been torn out of the way, he returned with a vengeance.

This time his arms snaked around her waist and pulling her away from the door. Her own arms found their way to his neck, lifting her almost entirely off of her feet and right out of her slippers. Her now-bare toes skimmed across the floor, tracing their path from the door to the other side of the room.

The edge of the bed touched the backs of her knees. It was there that he hesitated.

Well, that just wouldn’t do, would it?

She let herself fall backwards, reaching up and grabbing at him to make sure that he came with her; her fingers slid helplessly over his skin. But he did follow her, his indecisiveness quelled by her insistence. He landed balanced on his knees and elbows so as not to crush her. Her hands fell to the bedding beneath her, clutching the blue fabric of the blanket in tight bunches.

For one second his lips lingered on hers before he found other places to focus his attention.

Ran let out a breathy gasp as Shinichi located a particularly sensitive spot on her neck. Her head unconsciously tilted in such a way to allow him better access. Her nails raked helplessly across his back, and he hissed at the contact, though whether it was from actual pain or something else entirely, she couldn’t have said for certain.

And then he moved, and his lips pressed against hers, claiming them. She was his and his alone. No one else’s. Ever. She groaned at his persistence, letting her hands do some wandering of their own. Now it was his turn to emit several small noises as her fingers grazed carefully over a few highly sensitive areas, and she smiled.

She suddenly became very aware of herself and her current state. She was barefoot, in denim capri pants, a camisole, and a hoodie with a zip-up front. The front was almost entirely open, though, and hanging dangerously off her frame, baring her shoulders and upper arms. Her hair was mussed beyond any immediate repair, and clung to her perspiration-damp shoulders with a passion, when it wasn’t tangled in Shinichi’s ever-roving fingers.

Wait, scratch that. He somehow—she didn’t know how, she hadn’t even felt his hands there—managed to pull the hoodie’s zipper the rest of the way down and proceeded to shove it the rest of the way down her arms before tugging it away, out from under her, and tossing it unceremoniously off to the side.

It wasn’t as though he had never seen this much of her before. He had seen her in less—in bathing suits at the beach, for one, and a few incidents during his Conan days. And she had seen him shirtless countless times. But this was different. For starters, they hadn’t been tangled together like this. They hadn’t been kissing or anything further than that. And they certainly hadn’t been sprawled out together on a bed that was far too comfortable…

Her few thoughts were derailed suddenly as he pulled away, rocking back to sit on his knees; his arms slid around her waist, encircling her back and pulling her up with him to sit across his lap. Instinctively, her legs entwined around his waist, her arms around his shoulders and neck to further press their wanting bodies together.

Ran whimpered when one of his hands gently traced up the full length of her spine. There was something about his hands, the way he touched her. He could play her body like a harp, always knowing exactly which chords to strum to make her writhe and gasp beneath his fingers.

It was as if he pushed a button; her back suddenly released and refused to remain upright, and her head and shoulders arched backwards, lax and yielding, so the full weight of her upper body was supported solely by Shinichi’s protective arms. She might have groaned—she really wasn’t sure. A pleasant fog seemed to have enveloped everything around her, making coherent thought impossible.

Whether she made any noise or not, Shinichi chuckled against her neck before tracing the line of her collarbone with a track of feather-light kisses, working his way down to the neckline of her camisole, and then his hands moved again and suddenly the thin fabric was pulled over her head and he was back to work at newly-exposed flesh.

She bit her lip desperately to keep from screaming outright as he nipped at her breasts not enough to hurt but still bringing her further into arousal. He was teasing her—he always teased her, didn’t he? She might have spoken. His name. Words of praise. Encouragement. Ran didn’t really know anymore. She couldn’t remember. Even her own name was becoming an enigma to her.

She knew he wasn’t experienced, not at all. Nor was she, and she knew that her tentative caresses and movements were decidedly awkward. Yet he seemed so confident—was it just an instinct he had? Or was he truthfully as frightened as she, but proving to be masterfully adept at masking it?

Again, her musings were interrupted. He released her suddenly, letting her fall back to the bed amidst a nest of rumpled blankets. His hands were at her hips, fumbling and tugging, and there was the muffled sound of fabric rustling and sliding against skin, and she reached for him and pulled, her fingers shaking so terribly that she could barely get a grasp on it but finally feeling it give way…

And before she realized it, he was pressed against her again, his weight warm and comfortable. But now there was nothing between them at all; she felt his naked legs weaving around hers, his bare back beneath her clutching hands. She was completely exposed to him, and he to her, and yet she was not embarrassed. She felt safer than she ever had before, even if she didn’t quite know what to do.

It was Shinichi. She loved him. She trusted him.

They really had crossed the line. Hell, they had left the line in the dust about ten miles back. But she really couldn’t have cared less. Whatever happened afterwards, she would deal with it—no, they would deal with it, come what may. She trusted in that, trusted that he would be there after.

And for the moment, nothing else mattered. Control was merely an idea, a suggestion in the very back of their minds now. They were lost to reality, in their own world, where nothing existed save for each other, and a tidal wave of mutual longing and passion that could no longer be contained behind a simple dam of self control.

It was too much—Ran trembled as her body demanded the satisfaction of release, even if she had to take it herself. With a sudden burst on control over herself, she surged upwards, forcefully reclaiming Shinichi’s lips with her own and pushing him back against the blankets. He murmured in surprise, but there was no resistance, no protests offered at all. If she wanted to claim control for a moment, then that was just fine with him.

Give and take, really…

She was kneeling atop him, her weight comfortably balanced on his stomach. Her hands grappled with his for access to each other’s necks, faces, shoulders, and beyond while mouths and tongues went to work amidst waves of pure sensation—the feeling of movement beneath caressing fingers, the scrape of teeth and the flick of tongues, and the nearly unbearable friction of flesh against flesh…

For the beginning, she had been too shy, too stunned by how far they had really gone to actually participate. But now, she felt a strange surge of power. He was willingly pinned beneath her, and that somehow gave her courage. Pulling her lips from his, she went on a slightly more adventurous tasting expedition, dragging her lips down over his neck, shoulders, chest. The groan of protest melded into a hoarse moan of encouragement as she teased and kissed before sliding back upwards to once again find and reclaim his lips. Her curious fingers never stopped their own exploration.

As she drew him further to her, still seeking her own release, she felt him shift. Instinct told her what he would do a split second before he actually moved—he rolled, pinning her beneath him once again to reclaim control. He seemed to know what she wanted then, though. Skillful fingers trailed over every inch while hungry lips devoured the salty-sweet taste of her skin in explosions of taste, smell, touch…

Fighting her way back through the pleasant fog, she raised her head and found herself latching onto his neck. He gasped, but she paid it no mind. They were not strangers to kissing—she knew a few spots on his neck that were guaranteed to get a good reaction, and she exploited that weakness, enjoying the sound of him whimpering, completely in her power while she was still so deeply in his.

But when she bit down gently at the spot where his neck and shoulder met, he froze, every muscle tense. And for one moment, she was terribly afraid that she had done something wrong, destroyed what they had built between them…

Then he shifted again and claimed her, finally giving her exactly what she craved.

Ran gasped out loud at the sudden breach, while the first shock wave hit her full force. She had expected pain…but she hadn’t expected the pain to be mixed with something else that left her shivering in delicious anticipation, and so terribly hungry for… “More…” she gasped against his ear.

He withdrew slightly…and then pressed into her again, and again she was assailed with that scintillating combination of pain and pleasure and emotions. The rest of the planet could have probably vanished beyond the walls, and she never would have noticed. They were still lost to everything but the little world they had created between them.

The clouds outside shifted, letting the first shower of moonlight spill in through the window to splay across the floor and the bed. It illuminated him, letting her see him with surprising clarity. She could clearly see the tension in his strong shoulders and arms, see the way his muscles moved beneath his skin. His eyes seemed to glow as they burned into hers. He was cast of platinum and silver and sapphire, rather than flesh and blood and bone.

Shinichi was beautiful, she realized hazily. Not handsome at that moment, but beautiful.

Her hands slid over his chest and back up to his shoulders, feeling the movement of his muscles and the pounding of his heart. She just wanted to touch him, to know exactly what he felt like. In response, one of his hands slid over her shoulders and down to graze over her breast. God, the feeling…

His head dropped into the crook of her neck then, and she felt the tension mounting in him and between them both. His breathing quickened, and hers with it. Her fingers bit into his shoulders, moving with him. So close, she felt she would burst!

“Shin—Shinichi…!” his name finally escaped her, dropping from her lips on the crest of a moan of anticipation for what was almost upon them. Hearing it seemed to encourage him, and he quickened. She moved with him, doing what she could to aid the process. He tensed further.

Building, building…almost…

And as Ran clung to him—so very, very close!—a beeping sound invaded her ears.


But then…this was…


Mouri Ran slowly opened her eyes…and was startled to find Sonoko standing over her, one hand on her shoulder to give her another shake if necessary. “Ran? Are you awake?” Sonoko persisted.

“…bwuh?” Ran murmured, blinking quickly to try and clear her vision a bit.

“You fell asleep in class. You’re lucky sensei didn’t catch you!” Sonoko explained. “But school’s over. We can go home now.” There was a bustle around them that suggested much movement. The beeping she’d heard must have been the chiming of the school bell.

Ran finally took a good look around. She was in her science classroom. They had been doing a unit on anatomy, and, she had fallen asleep in the middle of the lecture on…oh yeeeeeeeeah…that.

“Ran?” Shinichi said from behind her, and she glanced up at him groggily. He was grinning, which foretold an abundance of teasing for their walk home. “Ready to go?”

Minutes later, they were on the sidewalk on their way home.

“Soooooo…did you have a good nap?” he asked far too casually.

His lips pressed against hers, claiming them. She was his and his alone, no one else’s. Ever.

Ran shrugged. “It was all right. I just didn’t sleep very well last night.”

Her back suddenly released, and her head and shoulders arched backwards, lax and unyielding…

“Have any interesting dreams?” he persisted. “You were making some weird noises. But sensei didn’t hear it over everything else. Lucky you! But what were you dreaming about?”

He shifted again and claimed her, finally giving her exactly what she craved…

“Nothing, really,” she said flatly, hoping to all that was holy that she wasn’t blushing. But simply remembering that particular little dream was almost enough to send her back into her own little world.

“Ran!” Shinichi called her back. “Are you sure? You’re awfully red.”

“I said I didn’t dream!” she snapped, resisting the urge to personally wipe that grin from her boyfriend’s face before she wiped the ground with his face. But she resisted and turned her attention forward again, already floating back to that dream.

They walked in silence for a moment before she turned to him. “Shinichi…” she began slowly.

“Hmm?” he looked at her quizzically.

Ran hesitated.

His name finally escaped her, dropping from her lips on the crest of a moan…

“Would you mind…if I came over to your place tonight?” she asked nonchalantly.

“Sounds good to me!” he said cheerily. “You’re always welcome.” Then he frowned slightly, and suspicion colored his tone when he spoke next. “Why? Do you have something particular in mind?”

Her fingers bit into his shoulders, moving with him. So very close, she felt she would burst!!

She shrugged it off with a smile. “Oh, nothing. No reason.”

PS. *purrs happily* Thus marks the first time I have EVER written anything like that. Wow…but Ran wouldn’t tell me how Shinichi got her into such a Position or why she went along with it. And he just said something about how gentlemen don’t kiss and tell…he looked really happy, though…

I’ll leave it up to all of you to decide what happened next. Knowing this fandom, should be extremely interesting. Hope everyone enjoyed this risqué little story, and hope you’ll tune in next time. Thanks again, all, and much love!!

Tags: character: ran, character: shinichi/conan, fandom: detective conan/magic kaito, fic: 30 kisses, misc: theme comm

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