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Candy-Flavored Fics

Give me a chance to shine, and I will blind the world.

30 October 1985
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about this journal
Greetings and welcome! My name is Candyland, and this is my fic journal. This is where I post the stories I write for my various fandoms. Everything is tagged, and everything is organized in the memories. I'm also currently working on master lists to help further with navigation.

friending policy
I usually friend people right back on this account. But we are also very lurker-friendly, and feedback is welcome in any form! Also, much love to illeistic for the LJ layout!

My writings are usually for anime, manga, and video games, but that's not entirely exclusive. I will usually write for whatever sparks a plunnie. My primary fandoms of the moment are Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Professor Layton, and Torchwood, with a nice big scoop of Kingdom Hearts on the side.

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